How much do Brits actually spend on Easter eggs?

How much do Brits actually spend on Easter eggs?

In December, often people tweet about the surprise that Easter eggs are on sale.

“Already?” they say.

Floods of people then “scramble” to the shelves to stock up on that chocolatey goodness. This begs the question, how much do we spend on Easter eggs?


According to price comparison site, in 2020, Brits are estimated to spend £381 million on Easter eggs alone.

With that sort of money, you could buy America’s most expensive house and still have £81 million left over.

But do the facts add up? Do people spend that much on a few chocolate eggs?

We spoke to the people of Derby and the results suggest that the stats are not far from the truth.

Student Tegan Brown said: “I tend to only spend £20 on Easter Eggs, one for me and one for my mum.”

McDonald’s employee Nathan Edwards said: “I love Easter eggs, I like to spend quite a bit on them. Around £40 in recent years.”

Harry Chapman said: “I have never really bought an Easter egg. Never needed to.

“Chocolate bars are much cheaper around that time of year.” also shows that per 100g is it actually cheaper to buy chocolate bars rather than Easter eggs.

The website says: “Each consumer could save £4.28 by purchasing chocolate bars, overall making Easter eggs 68% more expensive than chocolate bars.”

How eggcellent is that!