Police still searching for park mugging trio

Police in Derby searching for trio of three youths who mugged a teenager at Bass Recreation Ground

Police are hunting three men who mugged a teenager after ambushing him in a city park.

The 16-year-old victim as he was heading towards Station Road as he walked across Bass Recreation Ground on Saturday morning around 1:55am.

This is where the mugging took place. The youths fled toward station road which is the road in the map

The thugs demanded that the teenager handed over his mobile phone through threats of violence and intimidation.

After the boy handed over his phone they took off, leaving the boy unhurt. All three of them wore dark clothing.

In similar circumstances on Thursday evening, a man was also ambushed by three youths.

They demanded that he hand over his phone and cash before one of the trio assaulted him before they fled towards the skate park.

One of the three members is described as 6ft tall and “chubby” while the other two members of the group are slightly shorter. All three of them had their faces covered.

If anyone has information with these robberies, the number people should call is 9000160954 and the officer in charge of this investigation is DC Ritchie Parkins.