Leonardo Da Vinci drawings arrive in Derby

Leonardo Da Vinci drawings are on show at an exhibition in Derby now as part of a UK tour and is"changing lives'

Even 500 years after his death, the great artist Leonardo Da Vinci is still as inspirational as ever, impacting the lives of those lucky enough to see his work up close.

This is according to an ambassador of an exhibition of his work, currently on show at Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

Ruth Stevens, is a volunteer working at the museum for the duration of the event.

She described a recent visit by a group of Derby teenagers, most of who were messing about – apart from one lad

She said. ” There was one a 14-year-old boy who was awestruck, studying every drawing and watching the video.

“He then scrabbled in his pocket to raise enough money to buy the catalogue. A life changed in that moment.”

This year marks 500 years since the death of the celebrated artist Leonardo Da Vinci, famous for the Mona Lisa.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery on the Strand has been chosen as one of many museums in the UK to display some of his magnificent drawings.

Alongside major cities such as Manchester and Glasgow, Derby has been given 12 drawings to display from the career of the great artist.

The collection exhibits his interest in the human anatomy as well as the effect of extreme weather on the landscape.

Visitors will be able to go inside the mind of a genius as well as learn about the intentions of each drawing.

Sadly, some of these drawings were later turned into paintings which have since been lost.

Derby have been fortunate to receive the drawings, with the intended city being Aberdeen.

However, as a result of Aberdeen winning heritage funding from the National Lottery to redevelop their museum, Derby were offered the opportunity to host the exhibition.

A chance Derby Museum of course jumped at.

The Head of Leda

Janine Derbyshire, who is the head of visitors experience for Derby Museum, said putting on the exhibition was far from straightforward.

“We had to meet very stringent environmental conditions and improve security measures to the gallery in order to hold the exhibition. It is essential for the drawings to be as well protected as possible.”

She added: “We have been given a fantastic range of drawings showing the best of Leonardo’s work.”

A map of the Pontine Marshes

Arriving on February 7, the exhibition will be available to the public until May 6.

Alongside the exhibition, Derby Museum has been holding events for the public including a drawing trail, aimed at young children in which you will create your very own Leonardo Da Vinci drawing.

A Mother’s Day event has also been held, which included a guided tour of the exhibition followed by an Italian themed afternoon tea.

The head of a bearded man in profile

The exhibition is free to the public with the museum encouraging donations, however small when possible and has so far have had a fantastic reaction from the public.

Anne Davies, a volunteer at the museum said: “Visitors are greatly interested in the details of the drawing. Rather than just looking at them, they’re asking questions and looking to learn.”

The impact of a severe storm on the landscape

Be sure to take advantage of this fantastic exhibition while you can.