Everything you need to know about the Dungeons – Alton Towers’ newest, scary attraction

Alton Towers Dungeons – everything you need to know about the new 2019 attraction

The Alton Towers Dungeons is the newest attraction 2019 for thrill-seekers.

Thrill-seekers heading to Alton Towers this spring are being invited to try out the theme park’s latest new attraction.

New for 2019 is the Alton Towers Dungeons – described as a 45-minute deadly experience.

It takes the place of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride and includes five actor-led shows and a hideously scary boat ride. Guests are taken through in groups of eight and told the deepest and darkest stories from Staffordshire’s history.

Merlin Entertainment have opened 10 Dungeon attractions across the world, deeming them to be among their most popular. The Alton Towers Dungeons opened to guests on March 23.

Here’s everything you need to know about the attraction:

Who can go into Alton Towers Dungeons and what can they expect? 

Do you dare to go inside? Photo: Courtney Groom.

It is is recommended for guests over the age of 10 and uses a combination of interactive shows and live actors throughout – as well as using technology to enhance the experience further.

Lizzie Roberts, head of PR and media relations at the resort, said: “The Dungeons are a great new addition to the park. It brings something new and fresh to the resort.

“We wanted to make it relatable to the area of Alton, instead of a generic Dungeon attraction like the ones located in London or Blackpool.”

There are scare jumps, dark moments and all-around gruesome moments.

What are the themes of the rooms inside?

Take a 45-minute journey through 600 years of history deep beneath Alton Towers. Photo: Courtney Groom.
  • Meet the Bishop of Stafford who is dishing out justice in the judge’s courtroom.
  • Take a sail down the black river and meet the residents of the Dungeons.
  • The Highwayman will pay you a visit at the Welsh Harp Inn, maybe for a quick jug of ale?
  • If gruesome guts aren’t your thing, then close your eyes when you meet The Plague Doctor – it’s not one for the squeamish.
  • The cottage of the Witch of Burslem awaits your arrival but watch out as something spooky could be in the shadows.

What do visitors think of the attraction?

Prepare yourself before walking into the gruesome history of Staffordshire. Photo: Courtney Groom.

The attraction has been very popular with guests since opening two weeks ago, with tickets being sold out before midday.

Emily Chadwick, 24, from Burton-upon-Trent, said: “I really, really enjoyed it.

“I’m not normally one for scary walkthroughs but this one was most of the way through funnier rather than scary.

“I didn’t really have high expectations but I would give it a solid 8/10.”

Jon Harness, 28, from Nottingham, has experienced all the Dungeon attractions in the UK and has said Alton Towers is among his top three favourites.

He said: “It was much better than I expected. It has a good mix of scary and humour.

“The actors really made the experience, they lead the whole thing and they really were so good in there.”

What are the prices of tickets to the Dungeons?

Advanced tickets cost £5 by booking online here or £7.50 on the day, purchasable at the box office and various ride shops. Entry is free for Alton Towers 2019 Premium Season Pass holders and guests will be booked into a specific timeslot of their choice.