Premgripp football socks take Premier League by storm after chance meeting with Leicester City

Leicester City fan's revolutionary football socks Premgripp getting a grip in Premier League and Championship after King Power meeting

Premgripp football socks have found their way into changing rooms up and down the football pyramid

Leicester sportswear boss, Terry Smith, has told how a chance meeting at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium allowed him to develop revolutionary football socks, Premgripp.

Tejay Sportswear has developed the patented football socks, that employ ground-breaking off-set technology and are beginning to be seen in the Premier League and numerous levels of the English football pyramid.

Terry Smith tells how he came up with the idea of Premgripp football socks

However, the socks may never have been in development should Smith not had a chance meeting with Leicester City kitman Paul McAndrew back in 2011 appealing for him to work out why footballers at the club were cutting the foot off of their regular football socks.

He said: “It’s been up to four years in development now. It came from myself being asked to attend a meeting at Leicester City with their kit-man, Paul McAndrew.

“At that time, our manager, Sven Goran Eriksson, was bringing various different oversees players in and a lot of them were cutting socks.

“We tried to develop a product that was totally different and unique in the market-place. A performance sock to help enhance blood circulation and to help with the grip of your feet and the shoe.

‘We’ve got players praising them on Twitter’

“We designed a sock with the foot cut out like an old-fashioned leg-warmer. Then we developed a sock that would complement that. It has strategically-placed dots to help the grip and we’ve now got players praising them on Twitter.”

Above: How do Premgripp football socks help players in the Premier League?

Premgripp was on trial for a short time at the King Power Stadium and are now regularly used by players such as Championship stars Jake Livermore and Louis Moult.

The socks have even travelled as far as the second division of American football. Fresno FC goalkeeper, CJ Cochran also praised the socks for the impact that they have had on his personal performances and suggested that whilst socks are not quite the biggest factor, players look for any small advantage that they can get.

He said: “It does make a big difference in playing.

“I’d say they add a bit more confidence. Players are pretty particular about the studs they wear and only recently have I seen them become particular about the socks they wear as well.

‘The game has got such fine lines’

“Everybody just wants that little mental advantage. If you’re wearing a boot, a sock, a kit, that you feel really comfortable in, it just takes your mind off the extras and lets you focus on the match.

“The game has got such fine lines. Any advantage that any players can get, whether it’s mentally or something physical, it’s huge.”

However, there are some in the footballing world who, despite advantages, are troubled by the usage of them.

Current kitman of all England squads, Pat Frost has described that any potential deviation from FIFA ruling by using the socks could incur considerable punishments, as seen in the World Cup. He also explained the great lengths that he goes to ensure that the FA are not fined.

Frost said: “[The socks are] a nightmare for us as kitmen. When we were at the World Cup for instance, you’re not allowed to have anything on show other than the FIFA official sponsorship partnerships.

“You wouldn’t be allowed to have these socks on show. I think England got fined for one of these players having them.

“We’re trying to tape them up and encourage them not to wear them for the games. We can only do so much.”

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