OPINION: Spend your cash on clothes not food and you’ll always look good

Supermodel Kate Moss said: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

And she’s right. Except nothing tastes as good as a £100 splurge on clothes feels.

Even when there is next to nothing in the bank, spending it on food is not the answer – saving it for clothes is.

So if starving yourself is the price to pay to look good, so be it.

Buying food will only evoke guilt and inevitable obesity anyway.

Whereas a new dress from Oh Polly can change your life (temporarily)678.

Life isn’t the same without online shopping and free next day delivery and discount codes make it all the better.

Even fashion brand In The Style posted: “Life is so boring when you don’t have an online order to look forward to.”

This post created a huge amount of buzz.

People recognise the significance of clothes and the importance of making an image for themselves.

It’s time to encourage people to judge a book by its cover.

The great thing about clothes is that they last forever. Food doesn’t.

Buy a top once and it will still be there tomorrow. Buy food once and it will be gone within 10 minutes – just like the money used to pay for it.

Buying food is essentially chucking money down the drain.

Buying clothes on the other hand is an investment.

But no matter how satisfying an order from Missguided or Pretty Little Thing is, it’s not as filling as a sweet chilli chicken wrap.