OPINION: Special One Jose Mourinho should become the Sacked One

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

When Jose Mourinho was manager of Chelsea he said he was going to destroy Manchester United. Congratulations Jose. Mission accomplished.

Summer 2015: the mercurial manager accused Manchester United of trying to buy the league. Summer 2016: he spends £145 million as United boss.

And what has happened since? Many things, but most notable Manchester United’s worst start to a season for 29 years.

The longest Mourinho has held a job is three years.

The Special One is teetering on the brink on being the Sacked One.

He is running out of excuses and has publicly blamed individual players for his pre-historic tactics and horrific man-management skills.

His negative attitude and rudeness towards the press is embarrassing to say the least.

He recently stormed out of a press conference shouting the words “I have more Premier League titles than all of you put together”. Yeah. The room was full of journalists.

For a man who’s won three Premier League titles and two Champions League titles, he has clearly has his day and now seems a chicken nugget short of a Happy Meal.

Mourinho lives in a hotel, though it is unlikely be anything like the Linton Travel Tavern off the A5 in Norwich, where his hotel-dwelling comedy counterpart Alan Partridge outstayed his welcome,

Maybe it is time Mourinho checked out.