OPINION: Drivers need to ditch their nerves or ditch their licences

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Nervous drivers should be forced to give up their licence, leaving the roads for those of us who know what we’re doing.

Roads are chaotic, people have places to be and they don’t want to be stuck behind a nervous, stalling, pathetic presence at every give-way line they get to.

It isn’t that hard to pull out of a junction, so why does it take you the best part of a Justin Bieber track to pluck up the courage to go for that gap in the traffic?

For the most of us, the right pedal has various states of depression, however it seems that for some of our more nervous road companions, it only goes 25% of the way down.

Nervous drivers need to realise that a driving licence isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.

If more people acknowledged this then it may put some of the most nervous off doing their tests in the first place.

This would be no bad thing.

All they succeed in doing is winding up the people who are unfortunate enough to be stuck behind them.

The average cost of fully comprehensive car insurance in this country is an eye-watering £485 a year.

With more nervous drivers time on the road coming to a predictable, yet inevitable end when they crash, this figure is only likely to rise.

All nervous drivers need to do the right thing – hand over the licence and help make the roads safer, faster and more predictable for the rest of us.