Man on trial over rape of two girls

Man, 19, on trial over rape of two girls in Nottingham

Nottingham Crown Court

A 19-year-old man is on trial accused of raping two girls in Nottingham.

Sher Khan, originally from Afghanistan, pleaded not guilty at Nottingham Crown Court.

Mr Khan, from Beckhampton Road, in Bestwood Park, Nottingham, is accused of raping one girl between 1st – 31st January 2017 in Sherwood.

The court heard he contacted the girl using Facebook, under the name “John King”, and arranged to meet her in Sherwood Library.

The pair then went to Woodthorpe Park before ending up at a house in Sherwood, owned by a friend of Mr Khan, he said.

He took the girl to the bedroom, where he told the court, she took her clothes off “because it was too hot”.

Mr Khan admits he had sex with the girl but told the court it was consenual.

Sher Khan, who spoke through an interpreter, told the court he had ended up in Nottingham after fleeing Afghanistan where the Taliban had killed his father and brother.

He said he arranged to meet the girl again on 20th February 2017, and she brought along a friend.

The court heard they went to a flat in Lenton, where Mr Khan said he had sex with the second girl, which he claimed was initiated by her.

Prosecuting, Mr Vard, said the defendant was telling “lie after lie”.

“It’s always the girl who suggests with you, isn’t it Mr Khan?

“You’re trying to blame [the girls] so you look like less of a rapist.”

The trial continues.