Couple left scared to leave their home after early hours raid

Cash and jewellery worth £300 stolen after thieves ransack house

A couple have told how they are now scared to leave their home after it was burgled in the early hours while they were out.

Cash and jewellery worth £600 were taken from the house on Old Mansfield Road, Breadsall.

The break-in happened at around 2am on January 28th.

Old Mansfield Road

The victims, a young couple, said police had told them they had received reports of 19 other burglaries in Derby, mainly the Littleover area, in the last month.

The man, 30, who did not want to be named, said: “We left our house to go out in Derby but we didn’t expect to be burgled, as we left our dogs in and the lights on. They must have watched us go out so they knew that there was no-one in the house. They were well prepared, they took cash and jewellery. We have been told later that the burglary took about 10 minutes.”

One resident, who also lives on Old Mansfield Road, said: “’I was about to go to bed just after one o’clock when I heard some noises coming out from the garden area. I looked through the window, there were two or three people in my neighbour’s garden. It didn’t look right, it was very suspicious so I decided to call 112. They tried to force their way in with a crowbar and after about two minutes they were in the house searching for stuff everywhere, downstairs and upstairs. They left after 10 minutes and police arrived two minutes later.”


Harpur Avenue, Littleover

Windsor Avenue, Littleover

Harpur Avenue and Windsor Avenue in Littleover are two of the main streets which have been targeted by burglars in recent weeks.

Members of Carlisle Against Crime, a community group which works with police in the area, have patrolled the streets where the incidents have happened, which includes Harpur Avenue and Windsor Avenue.