Book Review: The Feed by Nick Clark Windo

The Feed by Nick Clark Windo: Book review

The Feed book cover by Nick Clark Windo
Photo Credit: Goodreads

An intense and gripping novel portraying the potential consequences of a world becoming dependent on technology.

The Feed is everything; your memories, your thoughts, your way to talk to your family. But what will happen when The Feed goes down? It tells the story of love, loss and when the world changes, who can you really trust?
This book had quite a slow start for me personally, but once I got to the second half it was almost impossible to put down. I was so invested and desperate to know what happened next. I especially loved the plot overall, it is so well thought out and very Black Mirror-esque which is one of my favourite things.
The writing was brilliant and the fact that you never really seemed to know some characters and were kept questioning as to who was Taken was a really stand out plot point for me. I loved this mystery addition to the story, and it kept the thrilling atmosphere alive.
The use of split POV was a brilliant addition to the story. It was great to find out how each character was feeling at different times, and allowed for such an inclusive insight into the mind of the characters. Even with the slow start, by the end I was completely sold on the story, and was hooked until the final page.
This is definitely one to look out for if you’re a Black Mirror fan. Not only will it leave you questioning how much you depend on technology, but it will make you wonder how much you really know people. Brilliant debut.
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