Wearing your poppies with pride

Trent buses across Derbyshire display poppies on its vehicles for Remembrance Day in tribute to those who have died serving their country

It was the seventh year when Trent Barton buses and coaches worn poppies to show their support for men and women who served the country during the First and Second World Wars.

Trent Barton placed the poppies on the buses from the 1st November and they stayed on for about three weeks. The poppy is a symbol of remembrance which reminded drivers and passenger of 185 coaches and buses across Trent Barton to pay tribute to those who gave them freedom.

The sixes, red arrow, H1, skylink Nottingham, skylink Derby, indigo, i4, the threes, the nines, rainbow one and the two buses were the routes which took part.

One of the nines’ passenger, Kurt Dawson, 65, from Mansfield, who was going from Derby to Mansfield, said: “I think that’s the right thing to do as many heroes lost their lives fighting for our country. It’s great that the buses point this out as our younger generation needs to be aware of our nation’s history.”


Another skylink Derby’s passenger, Francesca Ward, 27, from Plymouth, who was taking a bus to East Midlands Airport, said: “Nowadays not many people remember what actually happened over 60 years ago. My grandfather served in the army during World War two so we should all pay respect to people who fought for our lives.”

Trent Barton driver Jon Hickman, from Beeston served in the Army for five years as an infantryman. Jon, who joined Trent Barton six years ago, said: “I wear a poppy every day as I have two poppy tattoos. Having a poppy on the bus means a lot to me.”

Many bus drivers served the country so they are pleased and proud to have poppies on their buses. Jon, who drives the skylink route, added: “Quite a few of our drivers have served, and not just in the Army but in the Navy and the RAF too. I’m proud that Trent Barton supports the Legion by backing the Poppy Appeal.”

Jordan Kemp, Trent Barton marketing and communications manager, said: “ It is important to show support and remembrance because many of our team members at Trent Barton are ex-service personnel.”

Every year apart from placing poppies on the buses Trent Barton also make a donation to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal, this year it was £800.