New Lime E-Bikes storm the Derbyshire area

Derby introduces set of new Lime E-bikes as part of carbon-neutral plan

Lime E-bikes line up in dedicated areas across Derby. Credit: Harry Merrell
Lime E-bikes introduced to Derby. Credit: Harry Merrell

The world’s leading provider of shared e-scooters and e-bikes, Lime, has introduced a fleet of rental e-bikes in Derby in an effort to inspire more UK citizens to choose environmentally friendly and reasonably priced mobility options.

The growth occurs at a time when cycling is increasing; since Lime started in the UK in 2018, 1.5 million people have used it.

It comes after the successful introduction of Lime’s electric vehicles in Salford, Milton Keynes, and London, as well as the recent introduction of a similar e-bike in Nottingham a week prior to the launch in the city center.

Locals will be able to rent the shared e-bikes in prominent downtown areas after they are introduced in collaboration with Derby City Council and experience the advantages that riding can bring, such as better health and cleaner air. The city will gradually introduce the bikes in a staged manner, starting in a particular region of the city center.

This is what Alice Pleasant head of rollout of the Lime E-bikes had this to say:

“At Lime, we are on a mission to provide people across the nation with the tools they need to transition away from using cars.

“By launching our e-bike service in Derby, we become one step closer to meeting net zero targets, while providing residents with alternative methods of sustainable transport.

“We hope, as the scheme develops, to see more people around the country adopting Lime’s vehicles and enjoying the benefits that cycling can bring.”

Initially, 150 e-bikes will be distributed in strategic areas, providing residents with more inexpensive transportation options while simultaneously reducing pollution and traffic congestion as well as improving public health.

Later on, 400 more electric bikes will be made available to the public after their successful rollout. Counsellor Steve Hassall had this to say about the new E-bikes:

“I’m thrilled to announce that we will be welcoming this new fleet of e-bikes to Derby through our partnership with Lime.

“E-bikes are an excellent alternative to shorter car journeys, providing citizens with a clean, convenient, and cheaper transport option.

“This scheme is another step towards our ambition to make electric transport more accessible within Derby and achieve our target to become Carbon Neutral by 2035.”

To unlock an e-bike with Lime, you must pay a fixed fee of £1. After that, riding costs 19p per minute.

Your ride can be started in three easy steps.

Step 1

Create an account, determine a payment method, and approve the terms of service after downloading the app. The minimum age to register is 18.

Step 2

Locate a Lime E-bike in a nearby parking bay using the map.

Lime E-bikes dedicated parking spot outside of Council House. Credit: Harry Merrell
Here is one of the multiple parking spots for the new Lime E-bikes in Derby. Credit: Harry Merrell

Step 3

You can unlock the bike by either touching a button on the app or scanning the QR code with your camera.

Then you are ready to ride.

When finishing your ride, the E-bikes must be parked in designated bays which will be shown on the mobile app. These zones prevent bikes from locking outside of approved parking spaces by using incredibly precise GPS zoning trackers and will decline to be parked outside these certain zones.

Please ride responsibly and ensure that you wear a helmet.