Here’s what you need to know about the new e-bike scheme for Derby

Derby's new e-bike scheme - here's everything you need to know

e-bike stand at University of Derby campus
This is an e-bike stand at Markeaton campus of University of Derby. Credit: Jay Tugnait

The new pay as you go e-bike scheme is underway in Derby – with 150 bikes available for people to access and use.

With the help of ride-sharing firm Lime, the system launched back in April – as Derby City Council aimed to inspire and encourage more residents to embrace a more sustainable and eco-friendly transport method.

About 1.8 million people have used the e-bikes across the UK since the provider’s launch in 2018. Lime has previously helped to successfully launch schemes in cities such as London, Salford, Milton Keynes and most recently Nottingham.

bike stands for the e-bikes
This is where you park the e-bikes. Credit: Jay Tugnait

Lime has introduced its latest Gen4 e-bike model for Derby residents – which they will be able to hire through their Lime app.

There are designated parking spots for the e-bikes, which means these are the only places where people can collect and drop off the bikes.

Campuses around the University of Derby will have their own e-bike stations for their students to promote this initiative for the youth of the city.

Alice Pleasant, public manager at Lime, said: “We are on a mission to provide people across the nation with the tools they need to transition away from using cars. By launching our e-bike service in Derby, we become one step closer to meeting net zero targets, while providing residents with alternative methods of sustainable transport.”

Additionally, Lime is offering 50% discounts for lower-income residents via its Lime Access programme.

Their app and the programme will be offering constant discounts to residents and eligible riders will the full opportunity of helping them travel safely, sustainably and affordably.

According to an e-bike study, the sales of bikes have tripled in the past five years by initiatives like this around the UK.

e-bike stand at one of the University campuses of Derby
This is an e-bike stand at Britain Mill campus of University of Derby. Credit: Jay Tugnait

The scheme at the moment has introduced 150 bikes out of a proposed 550, with more coming in a second phase later this year.

Prices for e-bike scheme will start at £1 to unlock the bike and 17p for every minute you are riding the bike.