Five Indian restaurants in Nottingham worth a try

Five Indian restaurants in Nottingham worth a try

Samosa - the quintessential Indian snack. Photo Credit : Unsplash

If you love Indian food, you will be spoilt for choice in Nottingham which has several restaurants that serve delicious and authentic dishes from the country.

From curries to snacks and fusion dishes, north Indian and south Indian, a whole range of Indian cuisine is available for you to embark on a gastronomic adventure and delight your taste buds.

Here are some of StoryHub’s top picks of restaurants in Nottingham which offer a wide range and experience of Indian cuisine.

1. Tamatanga

The menu selection at Tamatanga is as eccentric as its name and it is StoryHub’s top pick because it has something for everyone. If you are in the mood of a snack or a full meal you can find plenty of options that will fit your taste and pocket.

The laid-back vibe and good music add to its ambience which is not traditionally Indian therefore inviting you to try it out without feeling intimidated if you haven’t tried Indian food before.

The preparations and consistency of taste stand out in the dishes. With special rates for students at off-peak hours it gives you bang for your buck as well as taste.

Click here for their menu and to make a reservation.

2. Dosa & Chutney

South Indian cuisine has unique flavours and dishes which have their own spice symphony. This symphony plays out perfectly in the offerings at Dosa & Chutney.

Serving a breakfast and lunch buffet to dinner, it is a popular place with the South Asian community in Nottingham.

Owner Velmurugan Sonaimuthu said: “We cater to a large South-Asian community here in Nottingham which is a hub for international students. They often come here for a celebration or to mark special occasions as they get a homely feeling here.”

To try a four feet dosa or to experience the Chettinad coastline book here.

3. MemSaab

Award-winning MemSaab is very popular with locals, particularly students with the butter chicken dish among the favourites.

Deepak Sawhney, managing director said, “We have altered the flavours to suit the British palate as the demand for good quality Indian cuisine was very high amongst the locals here.”

It offers a fine dining experience for those who are in a mood to splurge on an opulent and indulgent Indian meal.

MemSaab, Photo Credit: Uday Kapur

4. 4550 Miles From Delhi

Even though its miles away from Delhi, it boasts of flavours that can transport you back to the lanes of the capital city of India.

From delicacies from dhabas – roadside stalls to royalty inspired dishes – it is a reliable place for north Indian cuisine, which offers Mughlai specialities.

Make a booking for a taste of Delhi here.

4550 Miles From Delhi
4550 Miles From Delhi. Photo Credit: Uday Kapur

5. Calcutta Club

Around the corner from the Old Market Square with its old world charm reminiscent of the ‘British Raj Period’, the Calcutta Club pays an ode to the sport of polo the inspiration behind this fine dining restaurant.

Winner of multiple awards, it is a fine dining restaurant that takes pride in giving guests a true and authentic taste of India through the wonderful flavours of their food.

Bringing east Indian etiquette and charm to the table, book here to get a taste of the forgotten dishes of the colonial era.