How Fast Fashion Is Destroying the Planet

How Popular Fast Fashion Brands are Contributing to the Rapid Deterioration of the Environment

This is an image of a clothes rail of fast fashion items
Fast fashion items (pictured) in 2021 have become a common feature to our wardrobes. Photo: Danielle Jade

Highly profitable for its manufacturers and cheap and affordable for its consumers, fast fashion businesses have rapidly become the most popular outlets for us to purchase our clothes from. But despite fast fashion seemingly being the easiest option for us, it’s actually causing an alarmingly negative impact on the environment.  

The name ‘fast fashion’ is fairly self-explanatoryclothes shops will cheaply recreate catwalk trends and distribute them at a much lower price than the original designer item, the process often only taking a few weeks.[0]=AZUsEtpX4wRKqgI1J0MN0khiHQPPaLUyRNcmnkcRoviQ0g8BJxIR8c4kZ412Ttmxe3JcQZJ0flHCalRmFtvRaqaJer-Edh25nTnabgNLU1GqOuo87huDYJmezgtPoUFp72ERVXXxxx83kYRgNrXkyCivol3203FBvdlLVnkfnacXSA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Although this method is significantly easier and more efficient for the clothing brands, the extensive use of non-renewable sources, along with the huge amounts of water and energy that is used to make these products, is causing mass amounts of pollution to our already deteriorating environment. For instance, during the process of dyeing clothes, excess polluted water is thoughtlessly thrown into streams, rivers or ditches.

Other materials used to create fast fashion items include polyester and acrylic, both of which take hundreds of years to biodegrade. With countless other factors contributing to the declining state of our environment, it becomes clear that more action needs to be taken in creating a more sustainable-friendly way of living.  





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