TikToker charged with failing to obey Community Protection Notice

Mizzy: TikToker charged with failing to obey Community Protection Notice

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An 18-year-old man from Hackney, named as Bacari O’Garro and known to many on TikTok as Mizzy, was arrested on Tuesday, charged with failing to obey a Community Protection Notice. 

O’Garro has primarily gained attention on video sharing platform TikTok for being a prankster who performs daring acts. 

These acts have included riding an e-bike through a branch of supermarket chain Sainsbury’s amongst many other things. 

O’Garro’s charges have come following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police into social media footage that allegedly showed a number of unsolicited approaches being made towards members of the public, both on the streets and on private property.  

In a Metropolitan Police statement, Det Ch Supt James Conway said: “Understandably there has been extensive comment on this case in the media and on social media. 

“Now that an individual has been charged, I would ask that the judicial process be respected and allowed to take its proper course.” 

O’Garro is expected to appear in court before magistrates later today (24th May).  

Whilst his account has now been banned by TikTok, O’Garro had previously built up a considerable following on his account, with thousands of followers and hundreds of millions of views on his videos.