Three amazing National Parks to visit – all within 200 miles of Derby

Discover National Parks Fortnight: Three amazing National Parks to visit all within 200 miles of Derby

Landscape in the United Kingdom
A natural landscape. Credit: danielmanastireanu/Pixabay (

During April, the United Kingdom celebrates the Discover National Parks Fortnight.

The aim of the awareness event is to encourage people to celebrate the country’s open spaces and landscapes – running from April 4 to April 18.

Although the fortnight might now be over, it is still a great opportunity as the nights get lighter and the days get warmer, to explore one of the 15 incredible National Parks the UK has to offer, from historic hillforts, to immemorial forests and peaceful lochs.

All of the National Parks are unique and stunning, for one reason or another. To help you choose which one you prefer to explore, here is a list of the three National Parks all within 200 miles of Derby. 

1) Peak District National Park

Of course, this list has to start with the Peak District. With its closest point to Derby being only 15 miles away, this incredible park is the obvious option.

The Peak District is one of the UK’s most visited national parks, and it has an area of around 555 square miles.

It is very likely that, during a hike, you have the opportunity to see badgers, hares, birds, some unique butterflies and many birds such as skylarks. You can even get lucky enough to see one or two foxes, mice and bats.

2) Snowdonia National Park

This National Park in Wales is 131 miles away from Derby, so you can get there in less than three hours!

It covers 823 square miles and it is the largest national park in Wales. There you can see the highest mountain in England and Wales and the largest natural lake in Wales. You can probably imagine its grandiosity.

You can also observe the culture and local history: it has a wide number of picturesque villages and more than half of its population speak Welsh.

3) The Broads National Park

This National Park stands out for its 125 miles of lock free waterways. This allows so many ways to experience this incredible aquatic nature, only 172 miles away from Derby.

Additionally, it also has many family-friendly activities and attractions. The Broads’ rich past has created the perfect environment between fun, culture and adrenaline.

There, you can see peaceful and beautiful water, as well as charming villages and towns and hiking trails by the waterside.