Recap from Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide 2024 as Up’ards win 2-0 against Down’ards

Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide 2024 full recap from day one and day two as Up'ards win 2-0 after dramatic play on both days

An image of the Up'ards in Ashbourne
The Up'ards celebrated after a 2-0 victory at Shrovetide 2024 in Ashbourne. Photo: Beth Harrison

Yes, it was that time of year again – the annual Royal Shrovetide football match once again took place in Ashbourne.

Thousands of people descended on the town and remained there for two days (Tuesday, February 13 and Wednesday, February 14) to watch the Up’ards and Down’ards compete against each other in an intensive ball game.

The annual event has been held in Ashbourne for centuries and, each year, the two teams aim to goal the ball at Sturston and Clifton respectively during up to eight hours of play each day – with the goals three miles away from each other.

Day one saw stop-start play throughout the afternoon and early evening but the Up’ards ultimately took the lead with a dramatic goal thanks to Will Nash in the final hour of play – to make it 1-0 going into day two.

In a dramatic twist on day two, the ball disappeared for almost an hour in the early evening before turning up at the Sturston goal, where it was goaled by Steve Maznenko.

Proceedings commenced on both days at 2pm, following the turn-up of the ball from Shaw Croft car park. Last year, a new plinth was constructed for the turn-up and the Up’ards won 1-0 in a dramatic final day of play.

Turning up the ball on day one this year was John Tomlinson, 61 – the son of the late Philip Tomlinson, one of the Shrovetide committee’s longest-serving chairmen. On day two, it was turned up by Ashbourne builder David Calladine, whose construction firm built the new plinth.

Our University of Derby Journalism, Specialist Sports Journalism and Football Journalism students have been in Ashbourne providing updates and reaction from both days of the event for the StoryHub website – you can check out our full recap of the action below:

10pm: That concludes our live updates from Shrovetide for another year!

And that’s a wrap everyone – thank you so much for joining us for our live coverage of Shrovetide in Ashbourne.

We hope you have enjoyed our live updates, photos and videos from this year’s event and we can’t wait to do all again with you next year!

9.45pm: Heart-warming celebrations in the Green Man pub

Here’s some lovely footage of a family reunion as Steve Maznenko returns victorious to the Green Man pub, having goaled the ball for the Up’ards to help them secure a 2-0 win.

This clip was taken by our reporter Alex Coutts


So it’s taken a while to get it absolutely ratified but it is indeed 2-0 to Up’ards after the goal was confirmed at the Green Man pub.

That ends the play for today – and, indeed, the game for 2024!

An image of Steve Maznenko
Steve Maznenko is congratulated in the Green Man. Photo: Alex Coutts

9.15pm: The Up’ards arrive back in Ashbourne town centre

You should be able to hear them by now if you are in the town centre – here are the Up’ards coming back into Ashbourne with the Shrovetide ball.

Video courtesy of Beth Harrison:

9.10pm: It’s getting busy at the Green Man

It won’t be long before the Up’ards head into the Green Man and we have that goal confirmed.

Our reporting team are poised and ready to go!

9.05pm: The Up’ards make their way back to town from Sturston

The crowds have been making their way back into Ashbourne town centre tonight after what appears to have been an Up’ards goal at Sturston.

Here’s the latest from our reporting team:

8.40pm: Person who supposedly goaled the ball rumoured to be Steve Maznenko

This is the name we are currently hearing for the person who goaled the ball for the Up’ards this evening.

Our reporters are currently stationed in and around Ashbourne town centre to see if the Up’ards return there from Sturston looking victorious!

8.35pm: The Shrovetide party continues in Ashbourne town centre

We may not know the full details of the rumoured Sturston goal but, while we wait for news, here is the latest from the town centre.

Video courtesy of our reporter Sarah-Louise Elton:

8.30pm: A goal at Sturston is now looking very likely

This is the latest from our StoryHub reporting team.

We are keeping our eyes peeled in Ashbourne for any signs of victorious players or further news.

8.15pm: Rumours of a possible goal at Sturston

Here’s the latest from our reporting team as we wait for confirmation about where the ball is or if it has been goaled.

It looks like there is still some confusion at the moment.

7.55pm: Approaching the cut-off in two hours’ time

As we continue in our efforts to locate the Shrovetide ball somewhere around Ashbourne, it’s important to note that we are approaching 8pm.

The players have until 10pm to goal the ball before the end of play. As soon as the ball is goaled, the game will conclude for today.

7.35pm: Confusion as it appears a runner has made off with the ball

So the word on the ground is that a runner has taken the ball and it has completely disappeared from view.

On that basis, it could be that the next time we see it is either at the Sturston or the Clifton goal. Watch this space!

7.20pm: The ball has disappeared once more

Confusion reigns once again as there seemed to be several groups running from the fields and the ball disappeared once more.

There initially seemed to be an Up’ards counter-attack but this has not really been confirmed. It’s still all quiet at the Clifton goal for the Down’ards.

7pm: Three hours of play left to go

With the cut-off time of 10pm looming, our reporters are still trying to get confirmation of exactly where the ball is at the moment.

It seems to be somewhere near Carnation Way, possibly behind the Stepping Stones pub – and there’s even talk of a tunnel or underpass…

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more!

6.45pm: The ball seems to have disappeared

After disappearing from the Waterside Park car park, it now seems that there is no obvious sign of the ball and it is not quite clear where it has gone.

Has it been picked up by a Down’ard runner? Or it is being held in the fields? Our reporting team is still at the Clifton goal so, if it ends up there, we’ll know about it!

6.30pm: The ball now appears to be off the car park

It’s been some time coming but the action now seems to have moved away from the Waterside Park car park and onto some nearby fields.

Our reporting team at Clifton have been speaking to some marshalls there who think will be a goal tonight – if so, that would be good news for the Down’ards.

6.10pm: Balls slowly making its way across the car park

Twenty minutes later and we still seem to be stuck in the Waterside Park car park, with the Down’ards doing everything they can to get that ball to the Clifton goal.

We’ve now passed the point (6pm) where there will be a second turn-up of the ball today – any goal now would automatically end the game.

5.50pm: Brief moment of drama in the Waterside Park car park

It looked for a moment like we might break out of this car park but it wasn’t to be – a moment of drama as the footage below shows but then the hug went back towards Poundland.

We may be here for a while!

5.40pm: We’re nearly at the 6pm deadline

Don’t forget, if the ball is goaled before 6pm, then it’s back to Shaw Croft car park for another turn-up.

If it’s goaled after 6pm, then the game ends for the day. So this next 20 minutes are crucial in how today will play out.

5.25pm: The action continues at Waterside Park

There’s a real tussle going on in this Ashbourne car park now, as the Up’ards try to stop the Down’ards from drawing the score level.

Which way will this go?

5.20pm: The ball has made it to the Waterside Park car park

It seems like there was a break after all but the ball only made it out of the fields and into Waterside Park.

We’re in the golden hour now, where a goal must happen before 6pm if we are to turn-up the ball again today.

5.10pm: A hug has reformed near Waterside Park

It seems like there is a crowd gathered near woods by Waterside Park and the ball may be stuck in that area at the moment.

Some spectators seem to think the ball is close to being goaled but there’s no sign of that, according to our team based at the Clifton goal.

5pm: It sounds like there might have been a break

This footage from Tyler Baxter shows some players darting away from the fields around Mayfield Road as it looks like a Down’ard may have made a break with the ball.

We have reporters at the Clifton goal just in case!

4.50pm: Has the ball come to a standstill behind these trees?

There seems to be occasional glimpses of the ball but they are only brief as field play makes it difficult to keep track of its location at times.

Our reporter Tyler Baxter reckons it might have come to a standstill behind some trees, still in the Mayfield Road area

This image shows some trees in the Mayfield Road area of Ashbourne
Could the ball be stuck behind these trees? Photo: Tyler Baxter

4.35pm: Movement as the ball spotted in fields behind Mayfield Road

Our reporting team may have just spotted the ball in fields around Mayfield Road in what could be a possible change of momentum in favour of the Up’ards.

We’ll keep you posted on these latest developments…

Pictured are the fields in Mayfield Road
The fields around Mayfield Road seem quite busy at the moment. Photo: Alex Canner

4.25pm: We found “The Hug” – just not the one with the ball!

Our reporting team are making sure they keep as close to the hug and the ball as possible this afternoon.

Our reporter Beth Harrison, however, stopped to find “The Hug” sculpture located in Ashbourne and which depicts Shrovetide in Ashbourne.

This image shows the Hug statue in Ashbourne
Pictured is “The Hug” sculpture in Ashbourne. Photo: Beth Harrison

4.20pm: Amazing photos captured by our reporter this afternoon

While we wait for news of the ball and its location, let’s have a quick recap on the action so far.

The Up’ards remain 1-0 up after goaling the ball on day one of Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide.

This afternoon, on day two, the momentum seems to have been with the Down’ards, as we edge towards the Clifton goal after two hours of street and field play.

Here’s some photos of the game so far:

4.05pm: The ball is once again in the fields

Our reporting team are now telling us that the ball has entered the fields next to Heritage Walk and behind the Henmore Trading estate.

Here’s some of the players trying to get into the fields:

This is an image of people heading into fields in Ashbourne
The players making their way once more into the fields to follow the Shrovetide ball. Photo: Beth Harrison


4pm: Crowds are now in Mayfield Road

The ball now appears to be in Mayfield Road as we head into the third hour of play at Ashbourne.

The crowds are making their way down there as they attempt to find the ball.

3.45pm: We seem to be seeing some Down’ard momentum – but it’s a long way to go

As we head towards the end of the second hour of today’s game, it seems to be advantage Down’ards at the moment in terms of the play. Remember, however, the Up’ards already have a 1-0 lead.

We are, however, around the Mayfield Road area and some distance from the Down’ard goal, so it’s all still up for grabs.

This is an image of the fields in Ashbourne
The crowds in the fields in Ashbourne after the ball broke out of the streets. Photo: Lucia Koscova

3.30pm: The ball entered the water and then out into the fields

So we’ve headed out of the streets now and into the river and fields for this second hour of play at Ashbourne.

It seems like our players must get wet once again!

3.20pm: The ball has arrived at Ashbourne Leisure Centre

Our reporter Cayden Sands says there’s a real back and forth at Ashbourne Leisure Centre.

Cayden said: “The Up’ards have regained a small bit of ground after the Down’ards moved out of the town centre.”

This is an image of the crowd at Ashbourne Leisure Centre
The crowds gathered outside Ashbourne Leisure Centre as the ball made its way there. Photo: Cayden Sands

3.10pm: Latest on the location of the ball

The latest information from our reporting team is that the ball is in Leisure Way, by the leisure centre.

While we wait for confirmation, here’s some cracking footage of the action in Station Street:

3pm: The ball is on the move once again!

We’re seeing a really fluid game this afternoon as the ball breaks out once more and continues to make its way through the streets of Ashbourne.

Our reporting team are having a great time following it!

2.55pm: The ball makes it to Compton Social Club

There’s a huge crowd following the ball now through Ashbourne as we start to reach the end of the first hour of play.

It has arrived outside Compton Social Club which, quite handily, is where the StoryHub base is!

2.40pm: Some early photos from day two of Shrovetide

While we wait for some news of the ball, here’s some photos of the action so far.

It’s been an interesting first hour and quite different to what we saw yesterday.

The image of the culvert in Ashbourne
Some spectators around the culvert which caused problems earlier. Photo: Cayden Sands
This is an image of a crowd in an Ashbourne street
Crowds gathering for some street play. Photo: Alex Canner
This is an image of two people watching Shrovetide from a pub window
The view of the action from the Bridge pub in Ashbourne. Photo: Alex Canner

2.30pm: A rare glimpse of the ball as town play continues

There it is – the ball! We see it briefly about half an hour after the turn-up as it makes it ways through the streets.

It looked like the ball was heading towards Shaw Croft car park but now appears to be stuck behind Yorkshire Trading Company, in Dig Street.

2.25pm: The hunt is on the ball as the Up’ards and Down’ards tussle

There seem to be momentum shifts, running crowds and high drama in this first hour of play, as the action takes in Ashbourne town centre.

Here’s a shot of the crowds gathering in the streets, taken by our reporter Lucia Koscova.

This is an image of a crowd in Ashbourne.
The crowds in the streets of Ashbourne on day two of Shrovetide. Photo: Lucia Koscova

2.15pm: Looks like we’re in for a bit of town play

Our reporting team are telling us that town play is looking likely.

After the ball was turned up, it went behind the plinth and headed off down King Edward Street and to the Methodist Church. It seems an exciting start!

2.10pm: This is the moment the ball was turned up on day two

The ball has already reportedly been taken into the town centre with a huge crowd following towards Clifton.

As we wait for news, here’s the turn-up of the ball again for you:


The ball has been turned up and we are under way on day two at Shrovetide 2024.

We’ll keep you posted as the game progresses.

2pm: The ball has arrived!

It’s nearly time for day two of Shrovetide 2024 – and you know that’s the case when the ball arrives in Shaw Croft car park.

It won’t be long now before proceedings commence…

This image shows the ball arriving at Shrovetide
Pictured is the arrival of the ball on day two. Photo: Beth Harrison

1.55pm: ‘I was here for the first time in 1975 – we’re here every year!”

Our reporter Helen Purcell has been speaking to Andrea and Trevor Shaw, from Belper.

Andrea said: “I was here for the first time in 1975 when I was pregnant. The hug came towards me and I got lost in it for a few seconds.

“I was terrified, so was my husband, but I came out of it fine. So that was my son’s first Shrovetide and it hasn’t been our last. We’re here every year!”

This is an image of Andrea and Trevor Shaw, from Belper
Pictured are Andrea and Trevor Shaw, from Belper, who come to Shrovetide every year. Photo: Helen Purcell

1.50pm: 10 minutes to go and crowds starting to build in Shaw Croft car park

It’s nearly time for action and the commencement of day two – and crowds are now starting to gather for the turn-up of the ball.

What do you think will happen today? We can’t wait to find out!

1.35pm: Up’ards and Down’ards gearing up for another day of action

Our reporting team have been speaking to Up’ards and Down’ards ahead of today’s play.

Reporter Cayden Sands spoke to Alison, a lifelong Ashbourne resident and a Down’ard, who said of the game: “It’s just amazing – it gives you goosebumps, it’s just everything to everyone who lives here and who’s born and bred here. I can’t put it into words but I just absolutely love it.”

Asked if the Down’ards can turn it around today, Alison said: “Yes, I’m going to say yes, I’m going to have all my confidence (that it’s going to go our way).”

Meanwhile, Alex Canner spoke to Billy, Clive, Simon and Simon. Billy and the two Simons are from Etwall and this is their 20th year visiting. Billy said: “We love it! Unfortunately it means we’ve missed a few Valentine’s Days and I don’t think we’ve ever been home for a pancake – but it’s something special and we wouldn’t miss it for the world”.

When asked about which side they are supporting, Billy said: “Clive here is from Ashbourne, he’s an Up’ard, which makes us one as well.”

This is an image of a group of people in Ashbourne.
Pictured are Billy, Clive, Simon and Simon, who are visiting Shrovetide for their 20th year. Photo: Alex Canner

1.20pm: Everyone gearing up for the big event

Our reporter Cayden Sands has located quite a crowd outside the Wheel Inn, in Ashbourne, as people pop in for a drink ahead of the turn-up.

We are expecting it to get much busier in Shaw Croft car park soon!

An image which shows the crowd outside the Wheel Inn, in Ashbourne
Many people are gathering outside the Wheel Inn, in Ashbourne, ahead of the start of Shrovetide. Photo: Cayden Sands

1.10pm: All is calm in Shaw Croft car park – for now…

Less than an hour to go now before the turn-up of the ball on the second day of Shrovetide in Ashbourne.

At the moment, it looks very calm in Shaw Croft car park, but it won’t be for long…

Pictured is an empty car park in Ashbourne.
It is the calm before the storm in Ashbourne – with Shaw Croft car park empty at the moment. Photo: Alex Canner

12.50pm: A recap of that dramatic Up’ards goal from last night

It was a long time coming but, at 9.25pm (official time), the Shrovetide ball was goaled by the Up’ards at Sturston to give them a 1-0 lead heading into day two.

In case you missed it, here’s some superb footage by our reporter Alfie Dickin.

12.20pm: So, what happened on day one of Shrovetide?

In case you missed any of the exciting action which happened on the first day of proceedings, we have a little recap for you.

Take it away, StoryHub reporting team!

11.50am: Welcome to day two of our Shrovetide coverage

That’s right, we’re back once again for day two of the annual Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide match.

Yesterday, the Up’ards took a 1-0 lead after many hours of intense play which saw them take the advantage before the 10pm cut-off.

Will we see a goal today? Our team of StoryHub reporters are in Ashbourne today to keep you fully informed of developments as and when they happen!

10.50pm: That concludes our live updates for now

And, with that, it’s time to bring our live updates from Ashbourne to a close – for now.

We’ll be back on Wednesday to bring you more updates – in the meantime, please scroll down to see all our updates from day one!

10.25pm: Will Nash arrives at the Green Man pub

As the person who goaled the ball, Will Nash has the honour of being carried into the Green Man

Here he is in St John Street, Ashbourne:

10.05pm: Here’s the man who goaled the ball!

It’s always an honour to be able to goal the ball for your team at Shrovetide – and here is the Up’ards hero for today, Will Nash.

He’ll be celebrated in the Green Man pub shortly:

9.55pm: So, what happens next?

Now that the ball has been goaled, what is the next thing to happen in Ashbourne?

Well, because it is after 10pm, there won’t be any more play today. Instead, everyone will head over to the Green Man pub, in St John Street, so that the goal can be confirmed and celebrated.

9.40pm: Here’s some great footage of the goal at Sturston

Our student reporting team have waited patiently and their efforts have paid off, as this cracking footage of the goal at Sturston shows.

The person who goaled the ball was Will Nash.


There’s been a goal at Shrovetide 2024 – and it’s gone the way of the Up’ards.

We’ll provide more details as soon as possible…

9.20pm: The ball has arrived at Sturston

We’ll all gathered at Sturston now and a goal is moments away – who is going to take the glory for the Up’ards?

We’ll be sure to let you know shortly…

9.15pm: The ball is close to Sturston – but we can’t hear the hug yet

It appears the ball is incredibly close to the Sturston goal at the moment – so it’s looking good for the Up’ards if they can make it in time.

We can’t hear the hug yet – but we may do soon. In the meantime, here’s the latest from our reporting team:

9pm: One hour to go – and all the momentum is with the Up’ards

As we reach the final hour of Shrovetide play in Ashbourne, the momentum is still very much with the Up’ards as we edge ever closer to the Sturston goal.

The question is, can they make it in time? Our reporters are poised at Sturston in anticipation…

8.45pm: Reports of the ball being three fields away

The latest information from our reporting team is that the ball is about three miles out from the Sturston goal.

Of course, this could mean we are close to an Up’ards goal – or to a break and a complete change of momentum! We’ll keep you posted…

8.25pm: Rain still falling in Ashbourne as we head towards the hour-and-a-half mark

If the Up’ards are going to score tonight, they only have until 10pm to do it.

The ball still remains in the fields near the Sturston goal – and we’re poised there in case it arrives:

8.10pm: Here’s the latest from our reporting team at Sturston

Some of our StoryHub reporters are now at Sturston in case there is a goal.

The rain is still falling lightly, which is making the bank of the Henmore very slippery. There is no sign of the players or the ball as yet but, once the phone lights go on near the bridge, we can anticipate an arrival – unless it remains 0-0.

More updates from the team at Shrovetide to come.

8pm: Around 70 people waiting at the Sturston goal

Our StoryHub reporting team are poised in case there is a goal for the Up’ards.

Here’s the latest update from their position:

7.45pm: Edging ever closer to the Sturston goal

Our reporters at Ashbourne are telling us that the ball is moving closer and closer to the Sturston goal.

It feels like a goal may be imminent for the Up’ards…

7.30pm: Occasional moments of movement but stalemate in the fields

There’s still no sign of a sudden surge towards the Sturston goal yet but the ball definitely remains on that side.

The ball is still stuck in the fields and has been for some time. There’s only two-and-a-half hours left of play.

7.15pm: Former University of Derby journalism student providing live coverage of Shrovetide

As we wait for news on which direction the ball is currently going, we thought we’d turn your attention to the live commentary on Shrovetide being produced for Derbyshire Live by our former student Oscar Fisher.

You can find it here:

7pm: We’re into our sixth hour of play at Ashbourne

It’s 7pm and there’s still no sign of a goal at the Shrovetide game tonight – but the advantage seems to be with the Up’ards as play seems to be heading towards the Sturston goal.

But, as we know, anything can happen at Shrovetide, so watch this space!

6.50pm: Shrovetide is ‘an unreal experience’

It can be quite strange covering Shrovetide in Ashbourne for the first time – which is the case for some of our student reporters today.

Here’s one of our students with their verdict on the day:

6.40pm: Still quite a way from the Sturston goal at the moment

As the ball continues to slowly make its way through the fields, it still seems to be some way from the Sturston goal.

The Up’ards took it last year – could they do it again this time?

6.30pm: Some dummy runs but still no real movement yet

The reports we’re getting suggest the ball is still moving towards Sturston and in favour of the Up’ards but progress is slow.

The players are still in fields near Henmore brook and, despite a couple of dummy runs, progress is slow at the moment.

6.20pm: Shrovetide – to see it is to believe it…

Some of our student reporters have been to Ashbourne to cover Shrovetide multiple times, while others have attended this year for the first time.

Here’s the verdict from one of our team:

6.15pm: Ball remains in the fields on the Sturston side

It is well and truly pitch black in Ashbourne now as play continues into the evening, with the light gone and the action currently in the fields.

Our student reporters are continuing to follow the ball, which is currently on the Sturston side – and we will wait to see if there is a goal!

6pm: The deadline for a second turn-up has passed

With no goal coming before 6pm, this means that there will not be a second turn-up at Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide on day one.

If a goal is scored now, it will signal the end of play for today.

In the meantime, our reporting team remains out in the cold and mud to bring you the latest…

5.50pm: The ball is on the move again once more

Now you see it, now you don’t – here’s a brief glimpse of the ball as it makes its way through Ashbourne once more.

Footage courtesy of our reporter Jake Smith:

5.40pm: Ball stuck again in Fishpond Meadow

The light is fading fast now and it seems like the ball is stuck once more – this time in the trees in Fishpond Meadow.

Will we see a goal before 6pm? It’s looking doubtful now…

This image shows a crowd gathered in Ashbourne
There is still quite a crowd in Ashbourne, with the ball stuck in trees in Fishpond Meadow. Photo: Jake Smith

5.30pm: Have you got your wellie boots on?

If you’re at Shrovetide in Ashbourne today – and you haven’t, you might get a little bit muddy!

Here’s why…

5.20pm: Plenty of people still in the crowd as play continues

It’s still very busy and you can see the heat rising off the crowd as the light starts to fade in Ashbourne.

Here’s the latest photos from the town:

This photo shows the crowd at Shrovetide
The steam is rising off the crowd gathered at Shrovetide. Photo Jake Smith
This photo show the crowds at Ashbourne
You can see how busy it still is in Ashbourne at the moment. Photo Jake Smith

5.10pm: Glimpses of the ball as it continues to move through Ashbourne

We continue to see glimpses of the ball as it makes its way through the town and across the rugby pitch.

Don’t forget, if the ball is goaled before 6pm, there will be a second turn-up of the ball…

4.50pm: And the ball is on the move

It now seems to be out of the water once again and on the move – as the action hots up in Ashbourne.

Check out this great video from Luke Rushbrooke:

4.45pm: Back in the water once more…

It’s been a wet day for our players so far today as they once more find themselves in the water in Ashbourne, this time at the fish pond.

Here’s the latest from our reporter Jake Smith:

4.30pm: Reports of the ball emerging in the water at the fish pond

We’re hearing that the ball has finally emerged and that it is located at the fish pond end of the culvert.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more…

4.20pm: Still no sign of the ball emerging from the culvert

Just to give you an idea of what we are waiting for at the moment – the ball is believed to be in a culvert in Ashbourne and we are not sure which end it will emerge from.

The distance of the culvert can be seen in this timelapse video from reporter Alex Canner.

4.10pm: Crowds continue to gather by the bridge

There’s still no sign of the ball yet but the crowds continue to wait patiently at either end of the bridge to see the ball emerge.

How long will it be before we get a glimpse?

3.50pm: Noises can be heard from the hug at the Dig Street end

In absence of being able to see the ball, we are doing our best to hear what is going in the culvert.

Our reporter Beth Harrison is reporting noises from the hug at the Dig Street end…

Pictured are people near the culvert in Ashbourne for Shrovetide
The tense waiting game continues in Ashbourne as the ball remains stuck under a culvert. Photo: Beth Harrison

3.45pm: We’re poised to let you know as soon as we see the ball

With the ball still stuck in the culvert at the moment, we have reporters positioned on both sides so that, as soon as we see it, you’ll be the first to know!

3.35pm: Players are still waiting by the bridge

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the ball but we live in hope!

In the meantime, players and spectators continue to wait by the bridge…

3.25pm: The wait continues

Plenty of people are waiting around now to see where the ball will emerge.

Our reporter Alex Canner says: “It’s a tense waiting game here as we stare at the bridge waiting for them to come out. Who says they’ll come out the Sturston side though?”

This image shows a crowd of people in Ashbourne for Shrovetide
The crowds continue to wait for a glimpse of the ball, which had disappeared into the water at the Bridge pub. Photo: Alex Canner

3.10pm: Plenty of waiting around as everyone hopes for a glimpse of the ball

It’s still heaving in Ashbourne as everyone waits to see the ball emerge from the water.

It seems to be a waiting game at the moment…

This is the image of the players and spectators in Ashbourne waiting by the bridge
Everyone is waiting patiently for a glimpse of the ball. Photo: Alex Canner

3pm: Reports of the ball still near the Bridge pub

There are lots of people still gathered in the water as our intrepid reporters contain to keep us updated on the whereabouts of the ball.

Here’s another photo from Beth Harrison:

This image shows the crowd at Shrovetide
There are plenty of people still in the water waiting around for the ball. Photo: Beth Harrison

2.45pm: The ball still appears to be in the river

Latest reports are that the ball is still in the water near the Bridge pub in Ashbourne at the moment.

Here’s some more exciting footage from our reporter Beth Harrison. WARNING: This video does contain some swearing.

2.30pm: And the ball is already in the water

It didn’t take long – this footage from Beth Harrison shows that the Shrovetide ball is already in the water near the Bridge pub.

Check it out here:

2.20pm: Early action from Shrovetide

It looks like it’s been a frantic start of Shrovetide 2024 and there are early reports the ball is already in the river.

Here’s some early footage of the action:



Here we go, it’s time for Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide 2024!

And here’s the turn-up of the ball, courtesy of our reporter Freddie Cardy:

1.55pm: The ball has arrived!

It’s nearly time!

Here’s the ball in Shaw Croft car park – with play due to start soon…

Pictured is the Shrovetide ball
The ball arrives in Shaw Croft car park ready for the start of Shrovetide. Photo: Beth Harrison

1.45pm: What are the crowds told before the game begins?

There’s lots of atmosphere in the Shaw Croft car park ahead of the event starting.

Here’s what the tannoy announcement tells the crowds:

1.40pm: Crowds start to gather in Shaw Croft car park

With less than half an hour to go before the turn up of the ball, people are beginning to get ready for the start of the game in Ashbourne.

And it looks a little bit rainy…

An image of people in Shaw Croft car park
It looks a bit rainy for Shrovetide 2024, as this photo shows. Photo: Oliver Bedford
This image shows people in the Shaw Croft car park
As the start of Shrovetide looms, people start to gather in Shaw Croft car park. Photo: Alex Canner

1.30pm: What’s it like to attend Shrovetide for the first time?

Some spectators in Ashbourne today will have been attending for years but, for others, it will be their first Shrovetide game.

Our reporter Beth Harrison spoke to one person in that exact position:

1.25pm: How will we be covering Shrovetide today?

Students from the University of Derby’s Journalism, Football Journalism and Specialist Sports Journalism programmes will be out and about in Ashbourne to cover the event today.

If you see them around, be sure to say hello!

1pm: Shops continue to be boarded up with one hour to go

With an hour to go before Shrovetide 2024 begins, some businesses are still working hard to make sure all is secure ahead of the action.

One builder, from nearby Parwich, told StoryHub: “We do the same ones every year, same drills, same holes, we get some chips and then get out!”

This image shows a builder boarding up a business in Ashbourne
Businesses are often boarded up in Ashbourne as Shrovetide begins, as this photo shows. Photo: Alex Canner.

12.50pm: The plinth which will be the star of the show

As we wait for the game to begin in just over an hour’s time, let’s take a look at the plinth where the event will begin.

The ball will be turned up from this spot in the Shaw Croft car park at 2pm:

12.20pm: Our reporting team are arriving in Ashbourne

It won’t be long before our StoryHub reporters get to the town, so they can provide their regular updates from today’s game.

Our University of Derby Journalism, Specialist Sports Journalism and Football Journalism students will be in Ashbourne providing updates and reaction from both days of the event for the StoryHub website, as well as other media outlets.

11.50am: Each Shrovetide event is history in the making

The annual Shrovetide event has been played in Ashbourne for centuries and, each year, new players and dramatic moments cement their place in the game’s history.

The ball is perhaps one of the most iconic elements of Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide – and our intrepid reporters have found the ball from 1924 in The Wheel Inn:

This is an image of a Shrovetide ball from 1924
This is the ball from the 1924 Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide game. Photo: Alex Canner

11.25am: It’s quiet in Ashbourne – at the moment…

In less than three hours, the ball will be turned up in Ashbourne and Shrovetide will officially begin.

At the moment, it’s all quiet in the town, as these photos from Carly Baldwin show:

This image shows a business in Ashbourne which is all boarded up
Businesses across Ashbourne will be boarded up today in anticipation of Shrovetide. Photo: Carly Baldwin
This is an image of the bunting hanging above the town of Ashbourne
The bunting is in place in Ashbourne and all is currently quite in the town. Photo: Carly Baldwin
This image shows the plinth at Shaw Croft car park where the ball will be turned up
This is the plinth at Shaw Croft car park, where the ball will be turned up to mark the start of Shrovetide. Photo: Carly Baldwin

11am: Welcome to our Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide live updates

Good morning everyone and welcome to our updates from Ashbourne, as we bring you all the coverage from the annual Royal Shrovetide football match.

Students from the University of Derby Journalism, Specialist Sports Journalism and Football Journalism programmes will be in the town over the next two days providing all the latest news and reaction from the event for the StoryHub website.

So stay tuned for our updates throughout the day!

This image shows the crowd in Ashbourne surrounding the ball at the annual Shrovetide event in 2023
The annual Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide event always draws in a big crowd, as this photo from 2023 shows. Photo: Charlie Harvey