How to survive music festivals

Camping at a UK festival: The top 7 survival guide tips

When it comes to festivals the first thing you probably think about is how you’re going to get there and what bands you’re going to see. These are very important aspects of a festival however, there are many other things that you need to think about in order to have the best and most enjoyable weekend possible. From how to deal with the dreaded portable toilets to choosing the right tent for you, here are the top 7 tips to help you make the most of your festival experience.

Festival goers turned up prepared for Osfest 2017 with cups, picnic blankets and weather appropriate clothing.


1) Clothing
When thinking about clothes the first thing that crosses your mind will be that you need to look your best. You want some amazing snaps for Instagram and to look like you can do festival chic well. However, sorry to disappoint but as we all know English weather is less reliable than public transport. So, it’s essential that you take warm and sensible clothes as a precaution because even in summer months the temperature can drop and before you know it you’re stood jacket-less and in shorts freezing cold. So you can take your hot-pants and brand new trainers but be sure to have the wellies and jacket on standby – just in case.

Visit the Sports Direct website to get some great wellies at discounted prices:


Thousands of festival goers at Parklife festival in summer 2017 paid tribute to the Manchester Arena attack victims. 


2) Baby wipes

These are a life saver no matter what the weather throws at you. If it’s muddy you can clean anything and if it’s boiling, then they’re great for a DIY shower in the comfort of your tent. These will be your new best friends for the weekend so make sure to take lots of packs.

“I’d never go to a festival without baby wipes, they are a necessity and the first thing I think of packing” Imogen Gaskell, 20, University of Nottingham student.

Amazon do great deals on baby wipes if you want to bulk buy and share them amongst your camp mates:



3) Toilet roll
As well as baby wipes, you’ll also need toilet roll and this is because of the simple fact that those pesky portable toilets certainly wont have any. A packet of tissues is good to carry on you at all times.



4) Bin bags

As well as baby wipes, bin bags will be another new friends for the weekend, who’d have thought it? They are great for everything such as, standing muddy shoes on so the inside of your tent doesn’t get ruined, putting your rubbish in to keep your campsite tidy, to sit on if you don’t want to grass stain or muddy up your clothes and I’m sure you’ll be able to find some more uses.


Paul Kirkley, 51, organiser of Osfest Derbyshire, said, “You have to prepare for the worst weathers and take all the necessities you might because you never know what will happen.”  


Poor weather resulted in muddy conditions for festival goers during Leeds festival 2016. 


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5) Food

Even though you know the festival will sell food and it’s likely to smell delicious, it’s also going to be pricey. So, it’s a good idea to take some of your own food and drinks and occasionally treat yourself to a burger or box of noodles. But, make sure you check the rules on using disposable BBQ’s if you’re planning on making a sausage sandwich or burger because you might not be allowed to light them. It is also a good idea to bring disposable cutlery, cups and plates.

Amazon also have bargains on multipacks of Pot Noodle’s and other other similar snacks: 



6) Gazebo
Taking one of these may be another thing you have to carry but they can be great over the weekend. If it’s raining you can still sit outside and you’re not confined to your tent but also if its sunny you can get some shade. It makes a great place to sit and socialise friends and family.

Here’s a good value for money Gazebo from Argos that would be practical for a festival as you don’t need to splash the cash on something expensive:


Music lovers visiting the Radio 1Xtra stage at Leeds festival 2017.


7) Tent

This is star of the show and there are many factors that come into this one. Firstly, take a bigger tent than you need. If there’s two of you a two-man tent will NOT be big enough. Think about all the stuff you need and you also need space to move around in there whilst get ready for the day ahead. 

“I think one of the best camping tips I’ve got is to take a tent too big for you. You have to think you need to fit in there as well as your clothes, food, drink and maybe an airbed.” Chelsea Moore, 20, Retail worker, Derby

Also, make sure you know how to put your tent up, practice this in your living room or practice in your garden, anywhere will do! But make sure you don’t turn up to the campsite without knowing what to do as you’ll waste hours trying to work out which pole goes where.


Here are many similar looking tents in one of the many campsite at Leeds festival 2017.


Next up is taking a picture of where your tent is and what’s around it so you don’t loose it. Walking back to your tent and finding it in day light can be a mission, so think about hard it would be at night. It also may be obvious but never leave cash or valuables in your tent.

And finally, don’t spend a lot of money on your tent as you may have to prepare yourself to part with it at the end of the festival. If the weather isn’t the best and your tent becomes muddy it could end up to be a very difficult task to pack it away and take it with you. However, don’t worry it is likely to not be wasted, as most festivals campsites get cleared up and any camping equipment such as tents or sleeping bags that are left over are given to homeless people to help benefit them.

Here’s a great value 4-Man tent that would be big enough for two people and their belongings: