University of Derby students perform play at Derby Theatre

University of Derby Theatre Arts students are performing play, "Remote" at Derby Theatre.

Derby Theatre picture outside the front of the entrance
Derby Theatre picture (Credit: Callum Burgess)

University of Derby Theatre Arts students will perform their end of year production of their play, “Remote”, on the 26th and 27th of May. 

Chorus member, Teigan Smith, spoke in great length about the play, and the role that she will be playing during the show. 

Teigan Smith outside Stage Door at Derby Theatre picture
Teigan Smith outside Derby Theatre stage door (Credit: Callum Burgess)

“Remote is a play about a group of children and the main character called Antler, who has had enough with the world and its issues.

“I am playing a part of the chorus, which means that I will be one of the narrators that builds the world and tells the story to the audience.”

The drama piece will be about a girl called Antler, who smashes her phone and she climbs a tree to try and get away from the problems in the world.

She has had enough of everything that is going wrong with the world, and she encounters a lot of weird and wacky people whilst this peaceful protest takes place.

This play is being performed by second year University of Derby BA Theatre Arts as their final assessment, with the technical theatre arts students in charge of the lighting and sound. 

“We’ve got the technical theatre students that are helping with the lighting, sound and stage management, with a couple of people from my course helping out the technical team. 

“Altogether, there will be 10 different cast members in the play”. 

The Derby University students have been busy rehearsing for this play since the first week of May, so the Derby Theatre Arts students will be looking to shine in their final second year assessment piece.

They have performed numerous shows at Derby Theatre before, but this is the first time that they have actually performed on the main stage.

They performed a play called Bretevski Street in the middle of the year, but this will be a much more upbeat play to come and watch.

You can now get tickets from the Derby Theatre website for all three performances, with all proceeds going to charity. 


There are two shows happening on the 26th of May, with a matinee performance at 1.30pm and an evening show at 7.30pm.

Their third and final evening show will take place at 7.30pm on the 27th of May, which will be their final second year show that they have to do for their course.

Derby Theatre picture
Outside the front of Derby Theatre (Credit: Callum Burgess)

Oscar John Lindley, who is playing the role of Blister, spoke about his character, struggling to contain his excitement to perform in an actual theatre. 

“Blister is part of a duo with a character called Skin, and we will be playing your typical bullies in this play.”

“I’ve really enjoyed playing this role and I cannot wait to perform it in an actual theatre. As a kid, I used to dream of being able to do this so I’m really looking forward to the end of this week”. 

Tickets for the Friday matinee will cost you five pounds in a bid to entice more students to come and watch their play, with both evening shows being set at 12 pounds.