Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide 2023 day two recap as Up’ards win 1-0

Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide 2023 day two recap as Up'ards win 1-0 with goal at Sturston

Tom Allen carried back into Ashbourne town centre
Tom Allen is carried back into Ashbourne town centre by the Shrovetide crowd. Photo: Bethany Harrison

After two gruelling days of play, the annual Royal Shrovetide football match in Ashbourne has now finished – with victory for the Up’ards.

Every year, the two-day event sees the Up’ards and Down’ards compete against each other in an intense ball game – which sees thousands of people descend on the town to watch.

Proceedings commenced on both Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday at 2pm, following the turn-up of the ball from Shaw Croft car park. This year, a new plinth was constructed for the turn-up.

After no goals on day one, it was all to play for on Wednesday – but it was the Up’ards who emerged victorious after goaling the ball at Sturston at 7.42pm. Tom Allen was the scorer.

Our University of Derby Journalism, Specialist Sports Journalism and Football Journalism students were in Ashbourne providing updates and reaction from both days of the event for the StoryHub website – you can check out their full coverage below:

10.05pm: That concludes our live updates from Shrovetide 2023

So, with Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide drawing to a close for this year following that 1-0 win from the Up’ards, we will take the opportunity to sign off.

We hope you have enjoyed following our coverage over the past two days from our reporting team – and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

9.45pm: Our photo recap from day two of Shrovetide 2023

So, did you enjoy this year’s Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide?

If so, you might to relive the second day of exciting action through our photo gallery.

Check out it here – all photos taken by our reporter Charlie Harvey:

9.25pm: What’s it like being at Shrovetide for the first time?

Some people who go to Ashbourne for this two-day spectacle have been doing it for years, while others are experiencing for the first time.

Our reporter Johnathan Cowden spoke to someone who was spending their first time at Shrovetide:

9.15pm: Ever wondered what the Shrovetide Sculpture looks like?

Or ever wondered what it is? Our reporter Bethany Harrison decided to find out more about it.

You can watch the footage here:

9pm: Let’s hear from some Up’ards about Shrovetide 2023

Following today’s dramatic 1-0 win for the Up’ards, our reporter Alex Canner went to find out what some fans of the winning team had to say.

Check out his video here:

8.50pm: And here’s the celebrations at the Green Man

The Shrovetide crowd carries Tom Allen into the pub so that the goal can be declared good and it can be confirmed that the Up’ards have won Shrovetide 2023.

Here’s a clip from our reporter Alfie Dickin:

8.45pm: Here’s Tom Allen being carried by the crowd

As hundreds of people make their way back into the town centre, here’s Tom Allen being carried on everyone’s shoulders.

Lots of chanting and shouting in this clip and photo captured by our reporter Bethany Harrison:

Tom Allen carried back into Ashbourne town centre
Tom Allen is carried back into Ashbourne town centre by the Shrovetide crowd. Photo: Bethany Harrison

8.40pm: We’re live as the ball returns back into Ashbourne town centre

Chants of “there’s only one Tommy Allen” can be heard as the crowd heads back into Ashbourne for the goal to be ratified.

Check out our live video broadcast here:

8.35pm: ‘Thank you all for letting me having this opportunity’

Speaking to our reporter Alex Canner, the Up’ards scorer Tom Allen said he was grateful for the chance to goal the ball.

When asked about the game, Tom said: “It was in and out the ditches a bit – (we) just worked hard and kept working it up our way.”

Speaking about being picked to goal the ball, he said: “Thank you all for letting me have this opportunity.”

8.25pm: Our reporter catches up with Tom Allen

We’ve gone live once more on Twitter and our reporter Alex Canner briefly caught up with the person who goaled the ball for the Up’ards.

Have a listen here:

8.20pm: Here is the hero of Shrovetide 2023

This is the first photo of the hero of Shrovetide today – Tom Allen, who scored for the Up’ards at Sturston.

Well done Tom!

7.55pm: The moment the ball was goaled

Everyone had their cameras at the ready when the ball arrived at the Sturston goal and you can see the drama of the moment in this photo.

This great picture was taken by our reporter Johnathan Cowden.

7.50pm: See brilliant footage of that Up’ards goal here

It took some time for us to get to the big moment but it finally arrived – the Up’ards scored at Sturston at 7.42pm.

The person who goaled the ball was Tom Allen – see what happened here:

7.45pm: Reports that Tom Allen has goaled the ball

We’re hearing that Tom Allen is the scorer for the Up’ards.

We’ll have some amazing footage of that goal for you shortly!

7.42pm: The ball has been goaled by the Up’ards

7.35pm: Another live broadcast from Sturston

You can hear the crowd getting excited in our latest audio broadcast from the Up’ards goal.

Check it out here:

7.30pm: Up’ards now incredibly close to goaling the ball

With two-and-a-half hours until the close of play, it’s looking incredibly likely we will have a goal at Sturston.

The ball has been weaving its way through the fields north and south of the river but we’re now less than 500ft away from the goal.

Our reporting team are in place at Sturston to bring you the latest as soon as we get it!

7.20pm: We’re live once more from the Sturston goal

You can find out what our reporting team are up to by tuning into our live audio broadcast on Twitter from the Sturston end of town, where the Up’ards are hoping to score.

Check it out here:

7.05pm: We’re into the sixth hour of play

After five hours of action, we’re still edging closer to an Up’ards goal but the Down’ards are fighting hard to keep them from Sturston.

Our reporting team in Ashbourne is keeping us informed about everything that is going on so we’ll let you know when the latest stalemate is broken.

6.50pm: We’re live at the Sturston goal

While we wait for news on the progress of the ball, check out our live Twitter audio broadcast from the Sturston goal.

You can follow it here:

6.40pm: Just under a quarter of a mile away from Sturston

Where’s the ball now? It’s not far away from being goaled by the Up’ards at the moment – but progress is slow.

Our reporting team are following the ball and are positioned at the goal, so you’ll hear the latest as soon as we get it!

6.20pm: Slow but steady progress along the river at the moment

It’s taking a while but there is steady progress being made towards the Up’ard goal at Sturston, with the ball finding its way in and out of the water along the route.

Our reporting team think it’s about a third of the mile away from the goal at the moment.

6.05pm: The 6pm cut-off has happened

As the ball goes in and out of the river once more, we have officially reached the cut-off point for the game restarting in the event of a goal.

This means that the result can only be either 1-0 or 0-0 for Shrovetide 2023.

5.55pm: A glimpse of ball as darkness falls on Ashbourne

Between the darkness falling and the constant breaks and hugs dominating gameplay, it can be difficult to spot the ball at this stage of proceedings.

Our reporter Mihail Neykov caught a brief glimpse of it though:

5.45pm: What’s it like now at the Sturston goal?

Our reporters Bethany Harrison and Johnathan Cowden are at the Sturston goal for us right now.

Here is what one Shrovetide spectator told Bethany:

5.40pm: A tense battle happening now by the water

The ball is making its way along the river up to Sturston and keeps popping in and out of the water.

It’s a very dramatic encounter here and the next half-an-hour could be absolutely critical.

The river at Ashbourne
The hug gathers by the river during a tense encounter at Shrovetide on day two. Photo: Mihail Neykov

5.30pm: Lots of people waiting at the Sturston goal

The Up’ards must be feeling pretty confident, with a big crowd waiting at Sturston to see if they goal the ball.

Will they score and, if they do, will it before 6pm?

The Sturston goal
The crowd gathering at Sturston to see if the ball is goaled. Photo: Bethany Harrison

5.15pm: And the ball is on the move again!

Lots of breaks in the play as the Up’ards continue their push towards the Sturston goal. The crowd are having a difficult time keeping up with the ball!

Here’s our latest footage, courtesy of Alfie Dickin:

5pm: There’s the Shrovetide ball!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen it but our reporter Alfie Dickin managed to catch a glimpse of it.

Check out our footage here:

4.55pm: Another clip of the hug as the battle for the ball continues

It’s a battle of wits as the ball continues to travel through Up’ards’ territory in the direction of Sturston.

Here’s the latest clip of the hug:

4.45pm: The Up’ards could have the advantage here

As it starts to rain, it looks like we are getting closer and closer to Sturston.

Could an Up’ards goal be due soon?

4.40pm: The ball moves ever closer to Sturston

We’re just a few fields away from Sturston here and, once again, the hug has the ball.

Here’s the latest from our reporting team:

4.30pm: Crossing the water is definitely not easy!

Sometimes our reporting team have to get down and dirty to bring you great coverage from Shrovetide.

Here’s an example of the sheer effort they are putting in.

4.15pm: Just over two hours of play – where are we at?

If you’re just joining us, the hug is in the brook once more as we head over the two-hour mark at Royal Shrovetide in Ashbourne.

After some initial street play, we are now out near the water and it’s all to play for. We’re closer to Sturston but who can say which way this game will go.

Stay with us as we keep you updated throughout the evening.

4pm: Play reaches a standstill once more as we head into the river again

It looks like it’s back into the water we go as play grinds to a halt once more.

Surely we must be getting close to a goal? It’s often hard to tell though!

Photo from the fields of Ashbourne.
Things shudder to a halt once more as the ball finds its way into the river again. Photo: Charlie Harvey

3.55pm: There’s been a break in the play

There’s a flurry of activity now and, according to our reporting team, and it appears the ball may be heading in the direction of Sturston.

We’ll keep you updated as and when we know more.

3.45pm: The action continues in Fishpond Meadow

Progress is slow but steady at the moment – as our reporting team finds itself in Fishpond Meadow for a bit longer now.

But which way will the hug push and we will see a sudden break? Time will tell.

Here’s some photos from Charlie Harvey of the action:

The sign in Fishpond Meadow
The game remains currently in Fishpond Meadow. Photo: Charlie Harvey
The crowd in Fishpond Meadow.
A close up of the crowd in Fishpond Meadow. Photo: Charlie Harvey

3.30pm: A hug has now developed in Fishpond Meadow

Our reporting team has found the hug which has developed in Fishpond Meadow. It broke briefly but has gathered together again, so we may be here for a little longer.

Check out our latest footage:

3.25pm: Ball keeps switching to different sides of the water

It’s getting hard to keep up with the ball as it keeps going in and out of the water – and then changing from one side to the other.

Our reporting team says, after being on the rec side, we now seem to be back on the other side – but for how long? Stay tuned!

3.15pm: Getting ready for the ball in the water

As the ball finds its way in and out of the water, you can see the players getting ready to get into the action.

Is a goal on the horizon? There’s certainly been some momentum swings already in this game!

The players in the water at Shrovetide
The players get ready for the ball in the water. Photo: Eleanor Armstrong

3.10pm: The ball is out the water

The ball briefly ended up in the water but is out again now, or is it? Things change very quickly!

Here’s some footage of the moment that was captured by Johnathan Cowden:

3pm: Moving away from the streets

Looks like we are heading out of the streets and into Fishpond Meadow now, which is starting to look pretty packed.

Could we be seeing a momentum change?

The crowds at Shrovetide
The movement towards the fields and away from the streets. Photo: Rosie Jones


The crowds at Shrovetide
It’s looking very busy now on day two of Shrovetide. Photo: Mihail Neykov

2.55pm: Wow – that was close!

Our reporter Alex Coutts was in the thick of the action a short time ago, as this great footage shows.

Warning: This clip does contain some swearing.

2.45pm: Could this be the best view of the day?

It can be difficult to find an ideal vantage point to view the #Shrovetide action but it looks like this person has nailed it!

Footage courtesy of Charlie Sayers:

2.35pm: And we spot it again in the first hour of play

Thanks to our reporter Alex Coutts for taking this clip while the ball was just outside the Shaw Croft flats.

It seems we’ve already hit our first stalemate:

2.30pm: A brief glimpse of the ball

You don’t get to see it for very long but here it is, a glimpse of the ball on day two of Shrovetide.

Thanks to Mihail Neykov for the footage:

2.15pm: And here it is again – this time in slow motion!

Sometimes Shrovetide can be very, very fast – so it helps to slow it down a little.

That’s exactly what we’ve done here:

2.10pm: A different angle of that turn-up

We like to see things from a new perspective and this angle of the turn-up is very cool.

Our reporter Alex Coutts decided to stand right next to the plinth:

2.05pm: And we’re off! 

The turn-up of the ball has taken place and we are under way.

Here’s footage of the big moment from Cayden Sands:

1.55pm: The ball arrives at the plinth

The hour is upon us and the ball has arrived in Shaw Croft car park.

Check out our footage here:

1.50pm: Shaw Croft car park starting to look very busy now

With 10 minutes to go until the turn-up of the ball, the car park is getting busier and busier as everyone gets ready for the start of play.

Here’s a video of people arriving – and a photo of the crowd gathering:

Shaw Croft car park
Shaw Croft car park is getting very busy now. Photo: Rosie Jones

1.35pm: Ashbourne town centre starting to get busier

With under half-an-hour to go until play gets under way on day two of Shrovetide, Ashbourne is getting busier by the second.

Here’s some photos of the crowds gathering:

The crowds gathering in Ashbourne
Everyone is piling into Ashbourne for day two of Shrovetide. Photo: Cameron Dunmore


Crowds in Ashbourne
It looks set to be a busy day again in Ashbourne. Photo: George Parr
Shaw Croft car park
There seems to be a beautiful blue sky over the Shaw Croft car park. Photo: Rosie Jones

1.20pm: 40 minutes and counting!

It won’t be long before the turn-up of the ball marks the start of the second day of Shrovetide play in Ashbourne.

Are you excited? We hope you are – and we look forward to you joining us for our live updates.

1pm: Let’s see if we can get a player’s view of Shrovetide

There’s lots of different perspectives to take in Ashbourne during Shrovetide – reporter, spectator, marshall, player and so on.

Today, we thought we’d try something a little different…

12.40pm: Shops and businesses remain boarded up once more

With thousands of people expected to descend on Ashbourne over the two-day Shrovetide event, it’s going to be busy in the town’s streets.

So shops and businesses are all boarded up in anticipation – and remain so today.

Businesses are boarded in Ashbourne once again
Shops and businesses, including Subway in the town centre, will board up their windows during Shrovetide. Photo: Cayden Sands

12.30pm: The calm before the storm at Shaw Croft car park

Yesterday, it was heaving and it will be again later – but for now all is quiet in the Ashbourne car park.

Will the town be as busy as yesterday? We’ll find out in a couple of hours!

The Shrovetide plinth
The new plinth in all its glory for day two of Shrovetide. Photo: David Chan

12.10pm: What can we expect from day two of Shrovetide?

After an action-packed but goalless encounter between the Up’ards and Down’ards yesterday, it’s all to play for on day two.

But what exactly happened yesterday – and how might today play out? Here’s our reporter Alex Canner with the lowdown:

11.45am: Welcome to day two of our Shrovetide coverage

That’s right, we’re back once again for day two of the annual Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide match.

Yesterday, it remained goalless as several hours of street play meant neither the Up’ards or Down’ards could take the advantage before the 10pm cut-off.

Will we see a goal today? Our team of StoryHub reporters are in Ashbourne today to keep you fully informed of developments as and when they happen!

An Up'ard at Shrovetide
Will it the Up’ards who take the glory today at Shrovetide? Photo: Charlie Harvey
A Down'ard at Shrovetide
Or will it be the Down’ards celebrating today at Shrovetide? Photo: Charlie Harvey

10.10pm: That concludes our live coverage from day one

With no goals on day one after eight hours of play, our live coverage of Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide comes to an end.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back on Wednesday with more updates and reaction from day two of the event – so make sure you join us!

10pm: Play has finished on day one – with no goals for either team

That’s it – the crowd cheers and play comes to an end on the first day of Ashbourne Shrovetide, with no goals scored.

It’s been an epic eight-hour day with a lot of street play – setting up an exciting encounter for day two.

9.55pm: A goal looking increasingly unlike now

There’s still plenty of tussling over the ball going on as it heads in the direction of Sturston but surely it is too late for a goal now.

Our incredibly reporting team remain in Ashbourne though, just in case there is any last-minute drama…

9.45pm: The ball is on the move

According to our reporting team, the ball is on the move and heading towards Sturston – but progress is slow.

Could we see a goal before 10pm?

9.40pm: Where is the ball now?

In case you’re not sure where we are, here’s some idea of our reporting team’s location.

There’s 20 minutes left of play:

9.30pm: Huge crowd at the pavilion

With half an hour to go until close of play, there’s still no sign of a goal yet at this year’s annual Shrovetide match.

Here’s the latest from our reporters Bethany Harrison and Alex Canner:

9.15pm: Ball on Ashbourne Recreation Ground

After going in and out of the water, it looks like the ball is now on the recreation ground.

Is there any time for a goal? We’re getting close to deadline…

9.10pm: Lots of action now in Park Road

It doesn’t really feel like we’ve gone very far after seven hours, does it?

The crowds are heaving in Park Road – and it appears the ball may in the water once more.

9.05pm: There’s the ball!

As the ball heads towards the flats near the Fishpond car park, we get a rare glimpse of it in the air.

Some great footage here from our reporter Bethany Harrison:

9pm: There’s a break in Shaw Croft and we’re on the move again

We’ve pretty much moved back now to where we started – with occasional breaks interspersing the stalemates which seem to be prevailing.

Here’s some footage from Bethany Harrison:

8.50pm: St John Street still heaving with people:

With just over an hour of play to go, it looks like St John Street is the place to be – with the ball still stuck in a stalemate.

Here’s the latest from Bethany Harrison and Alex Canner:

8.40pm: Ball reportedly still on St John Street

Our reporting team is still in Ashbourne town centre and it appears that is where the ball still is as well.

If we get any news of a break, we’ll let you know!

8.20pm: Another stalemate – this time along St John Street

Fifteen minutes later and we’re still in a stalemate in Ashbourne town centre.

Our reporting team are outside the Ryman store in the street ready to bring you the latest.

8.05pm: Crowds line St John Street as the ball continues to move

Our reporting team remains in Ashbourne tonight for the annual Shrovetide match.

Here’s the latest from Bethany Harrison:

7.55pm: Ball spotted along Church Street

The ball has just been seen by our reporting team alongside Avanti Jewellers.

There is so much excitement from the crowd right now.

7.50pm: Ball out of the river

Our reporting team say the ball is now out of the river and it looks like it’s heading back towards Sainsbury’s

The crowds are really running – could this be a pivotal moment?

7.40pm: Photo recap – while we wait for the stalemate to break…

If you’re just joining us, it’s still goalless at Shrovetide in Ashbourne – with the ball stuck under a bridge in the river.

While we wait for news, feel free to check out some great photos from today’s event, courtesy of Charlie Harvey:

7.25pm: Ball reportedly stuck under a bridge

According to the reporting team, there are lots of people in the river and the ball is now stuck under a bridge.

It feels like something has to break soon.

7.10pm: Crowds make their way up King Edward Street

As everyone heads up this Ashbourne road, we’re hearing reports the ball may now be in the river.

Here’s the latest from Alex Canner and Bethany Harrison:

7.05pm: Our verdict so far on the five-hour mark

This is what our reporting team had to say on Shrovetide shortly after 7pm.

“It’s been a tense hour or so with the Down’ards taking, possibly, the worst route ever towards Clifton: Peter Street forcing through to Compton St then over through Sainsbury’s and out towards Station Road. The ball has been in the air a lot. But it’s officially dark. Maybe some tactics will be deployed?”

7pm: The crowds are continuing to follow the action

There’s lots of movement outside Sainsbury’s as this great footage from our reporter Bethany Harrison shows.

Reports suggest it’s now on King Edward Street and on the move.

6.55pm: View our live footage from outside Sainsbury’s

As the crowds remain gathered outside the store in Compton Street, we are continuing to broadcast live on Twitter.

Check out our footage here:

6.50pm: Ball spotted not too far from Sainsbury’s

Our reporting team have glimpsed the ball being thrown off a fence nearby the Sainsbury’s store.

There are so many people gathered there at the moment, all ready for the break when it comes.

6.40pm: Stalemate at Sainsbury’s

We’re still waiting for movement at Sainsbury’s in Compton St. 

In the meantime, check out our live stream on Twitter here:

6.30pm: Ball in Compton Street

After being stuck in an alley, the ball has emerged in Compton Street and has now found its way into the porch at Sainsbury’s.

There’s shouts of “come on Down’ards” as everyone scrambles for the ball.

6.10pm: Some confusion about where the ball is now

Ashbourne is still heaving with people tonight but there is much confusion about where the ball has gone. Reports suggest it might be along Peter Street.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have more news.

5.50pm: Check out our livestream from Ashbourne once again

As darkness descends on the annual Shrovetide match, we are live on Twitter once again to bring you the latest coverage.

Check out our video here:

5.45pm: We spy the ball!

It looks we might be on the move again…maybe.

Here’s some footage of the hug and a glimpse of the ball once more in the overspill car park:

5.30pm: Ball stuck around Fishpond Meadow

It looks like play has ground to a halt a little between Park Road and the Henmore Brook.

Our reporting team are currently stood on the bank near the pond – and say they are probably about 10 metres or so from the hug.

5.15pm: The current verdict from our reporting team

So, after more than three hours of play, what do we think of the game so far?

Here’s a quick video summary from our reporter Alex Canner:

5.10pm: And we’re off once again!

We see the ball once again as there’s a break in the overspill car park – it looks like it might be on the move.

Check out our footage here by Bethany Harrison:

4.50pm: Ashbourne still heaving with people

We may be just under three hours into Shrovetide but the town is still really busy.

Can you remember the ball spending this much time in and around Shaw Croft?

The crowd in Ashbourne
Pictured is the crowd in Ashbourne. Photo: James-Dean Thrower

4.45pm: The hug continues in Park Road

There’s still lots of people gathered in Ashbourne and play is pretty fierce at the moment.

A dramatic half hour has seen the ball travel from Shaw Croft, up the hill to Madge’s Corner and back down to Shaw Croft again.

4.30pm: The ball breaks down Park Road

You can wait for ages for something to happen at Shrovetide and then it all happens at once.

Some more great footage from our reporter Bethany Harrison:

4.25pm: There’s the ball!

Our reporter Bethany Harrison just spotted the ball and captured some great footage.

Check it out here:

4.20pm: We’re live once more from Ashbourne

As the ball finds its way to Madge Corner – the junction with Park Road, St John Street and Cokayne Avenue, we are live on Twitter once more.

Check out our video stream here:

4.15pm: Ball out – but not moving very far…

The latest from our reporting team is that the ball is out from underneath the crane but it has not moved very far.

Things certainly seem very tense – watch this space…

4.05pm: Shrovetide – from a different perspective

It seems like the ball is stuck underneath a crane so, while we wait for news, let’s share these great photos taken by Charlie Harvey of Shrovetide today, using a fisheye lens.

We hope you are enjoying our coverage – and we’ll bring you an update soon.

A view of Ashbourne with a difference.
A view of Ashbourne with a difference. Photo: Charlie Harvey
The crowds in Ashbourne.
Looking at Shrovetide with a fisheye lens. Photo: Charlie Harvey
The crowds at Ashbourne.
Shrovetide is back in action once again for 2023. Photo: Charlie Harvey

3.50pm: Check out our live video from Ashbourne

We have just gone live from the town on our Twitter feed – as we show you the latest scenes from Royal Shrovetide.

Be sure to check it out here:

3.40pm: Shouts of “heave” as the ball stops once more

Our reporter Alex Canner says: “Shouts of ‘heave’ as the ball stops at the back of the flats. The Up’ards must be praying for a break towards the field.

“Someone’s going to have to clean the sweat of them windows,” shouts a spectator.

The crowds at Ashbourne once again
The action is hotting up at Ashbourne. Photo: Alex Canner

3.30pm: The current verdict from our reporting team

As you know, we have a team of reporters currently in Ashbourne watching the game.

This is their verdict so far…

3.25pm: Ashbourne is absolutely rammed right now

The sheer number of people in the town is phenomenal right now, and there are some real crowds gathered in the streets.

Here’s a couple of crowd shots from our reporters:

The crowds continue to gather in Ashbourne
The crowds continue to gather in Ashbourne. Photo: Joe Smith
Ashbourne is very busy at the moment
Ashbourne is heaving with people at the moment, thanks to Shrovetide. Photo: Callum Pawley

3.10pm: The ball breaks again

So, what’s happening now? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell.

Here’s the latest from our reporter Alex Canner:

3.05pm: Another very brief glimpse of the ball

It’s nice to see the occasion bit of movement but it seems to be quite rare at the moment.

We did spot the ball briefly, however…

3pm: Ready in the water, just in case

You never know when there might be some water play so it looks like these people are prepared.

It appears the ball might be heading back to Shaw Croft car park though…

People in the water at Ashbourne
There’s already people in the water at Ashbourne, just in case… Photo: Matthew Cotterill

2.55pm: A rare glimpse of the ball!

Now you see it, now you don’t… as the ball makes a sudden move, our reporter Jake Clipson-Cox caught a brief glimpse of it.

It soon disappeared from view again, however…

2.45pm: Is it really February?

With the sun shining and the beers out, it’s hard to believe it is really February – as people enjoy a Shrovetide not hampered by rain or snow.

Our reporting team says temperatures are very hot and people are already sweating in the crowd. But this good weather means it does promise to be a really good game.

The sun is shining in Ashbourne
It’s hard to believe it’s really February with that glorious sunshine! Photo: Alex Canner

2.35pm: Our verdict on the game so far

Here’s the latest from our reporter Alex Canner, who is out in Ashbourne with our StoryHub reporting team:

“Once the ball was turned up at the new plinth, it just went up against flats and stayed there for some time. 

“It has slowly moved towards Sturston, towards the fields, but it is only moving every 20 yards about every two minutes – so perhaps the days of the big breaks from the car park due to the new plinth are over? Who knows?”

2.30pm: The full footage of the turn-up

As the game gets under way, here’s our full footage of the turn-up of the ball to get Shrovetide under way in 2023.

The crowd sang the National Anthem before play got under way

2.25pm: The first 15 minutes…

Our reporter Alex Canner says: “The turning up from the new plinth has already caused a stir.

“The ball is dead ahead in a hug right next to the wall opposite near the flats and has been there for 10 mins.”

The turn-up of the ball
The ball is turned up to start Shrovetide in Ashbourne for 2023. Photo: Joe Smith

2.10pm: Let’s see that turn-up!

Here’s some footage from the moment the game got under way.

The ball disappeared soon afterwards…

2.05pm: And we’re off!

The turn-up of the ball has taken place and the action is under way.

Let’s hope it’s a good one!

2pm: All eyes are on the Shaw Croft car park plinth

The turn-up will be happening very shortly and the new plinth is now in the spotlight.

Are you excited! We certainly are…

The plinth in Ashbourne
The focus is on the new plinth in Shaw Croft car park. Photo: Eryk Cybulski.

1.55pm: Five minutes and counting…

It’s nearly time and Shaw Croft car park is just a sea of heads at the moment.

Very soon the ball will be turned up from the new plinth and the game will get under way…

1.50pm: Who’s in the crowd today?

Our StoryHub reporter Alex Canner has been meeting some interesting people today.

Here’s a great little anecdote:

1.35pm: Crowds are starting to build up in Ashbourne

With less than half-an-hour to go until the turn-up of the ball, the crowds are now starting to gather across Ashbourne.

The Shaw Croft car park and the surrounding areas are getting pretty packed.

The crowds in Ashbourne
The crowds are starting to gather in Ashbourne. Photo: George Scott
The car park in Ashbourne
The Shaw Croft car park is starting to get busy. Photo: Ryan Robinson
The crowds are starting to gather in the Ashbourne car park.
It won’t be long until the turn-up of the ball in Ashbourne. Photo: Joe Smith

1.15pm: Only 45 minutes to go!

It won’t be long now before the turn-up of the ball takes place in Shaw Croft car park and Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide gets under way.

The car park seems quiet now but pretty soon it will be heaving with people:

1pm: Our intrepid reporters are on the ground

Here’s the latest from our StoryHub reporters who are positioned around Ashbourne getting ready for the action.

We’ve curated some of their tweets here:

12.50pm: The calm before the storm in Ashbourne

The shops are all boarded up and the streets seem empty at the moment in Ashbourne – but it won’t be long before the action gets under way.

The turn-up of the ball will at 2pm in Shaw Croft car park.

A photo of a street in Ashbourne.
The streets in Ashbourne look quiet… now. Photo: Will Stanier.
The bunting in Ashbourne
The bunting in Ashbourne looks very festive. Photo: Callum Pawley
The boarded-up shops of Ashbourne.
The boarded-up shops of Ashbourne. Photo: Beth Wood

12.30pm: Our reporting team gets its Shrovetide briefing

Our team of StoryHub reporters are ready and raring to go – as they get their briefing on what to expect during day one of the event.

We have a large team of reporters covering Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide for you today and tomorrow, so make sure you stick with us!

An image of our students getting their Shrovetide briefing.
The team of StoryHub reporters are being fully briefed ahead of today’s event. Photo: Beth Wood

12.05pm: What does the weather hold in store for Ashbourne today?

According to the Met Office, it is set to be overcast in the town for most of today – but, as of yet, it is not forecast to rain.

The sun is due to set at 5.29pm, so it won’t be too long before the players are hunting for that ball in the dark!

11.45am: The new plinth is ready to go!

This year, the crowds will gather in front of a brand new plinth when the turn-up of the ball takes place in Shaw Croft car park at 2pm.

Our StoryHub reporter Bethany Harrison has already had a glimpse of what it looks like:

11.30am: Welcome to our Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide live updates

Good morning everyone and welcome to our updates from Ashbourne, as we bring you all the coverage from the annual Royal Shrovetide football match.

Students from the University of Derby Journalism, Specialist Sports Journalism and Football Journalism programmes will be in the town over the next two days providing all the latest news and reaction from the event for the StoryHub website.

So stay tuned for our updates throughout the day!

Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide 2022
Crowds near the plinth in Ashbourne’s Shaw Croft car park during last year’s event. Photo: Jacob Jones.