Did you know there’s a National Memo Day? Here’s five ways to make use of it

National Memo Day - did you know it even existed? Here's five ways to make use of it

Colourful Post-It Notes on a white background
Keeping Post-It notes in an easy to see location is a great idea for a reminder (Credit: pxfuel.com)

During this month, there is the opportunity to mark National Memo Day – but did you know it even existed?

It’s actually quite a handy day in many ways. After all, is there a worse feeling than forgetting something? A birthday, an anniversary… fresh milk for your morning coffee?

You promised yourself that you would remember – but at the last minute it just slipped your mind. Maybe a memo to self might have helped

So, in honour of National Memo Day (May 21), we’re listing the five best ways to make sure you never forget those all-important memos.

1) Set a reminder on your phone

Phones are an excellent tool for helping us keep on track with our tasks. Using the alarm or calendar functions allows us to be sent reminders at specific times.

Alarms can be used for daily reminders, scheduled to go off at set times throughout the day. The Calendar function allows you to set reminders for dates weeks or months in advance.

Samantha Dixon, a postgraduate Master’s student in criminology at the University of Derby, said she thinks that using her phone’s calendar has been “a life saver”.

She said: “I have my days all-planned out using the calendar on my phone. I colour-code events based on their importance. It helps me massively, especially when I’m balancing a dissertation, job and somewhat of a social life.”

2) Write a to-do list each morning

Another way of helping ourselves to remember things is to write a “to-do list” each morning. Planning your tasks for the day can allow you to manage your time in the most efficient way.

It also means any important tasks will be fresh in your memory throughout the day and ensures that you won’t forget. These lists can be written physically or on your mobile device and ticked off as the day goes on.

3) Place Post-It notes in easy-to-view places

Post-It notes are one of the most common ways to help us remember things, especially if they’re placed in the right areas. Usually bright in colour, if placed on the door of your fridge, on your bathroom mirror or beside your car keys they can help you with those reminders quite easily.

Post-It notes are cheap and accessible and are available in a variety of colours. You can get a block of 450 Post-Its for as little as three pounds!

4) Keep a diary

Nowadays, keeping a diary may be seen as “old-school” because everyone has a mobile phone for their reminders. But, in some walks of life, keeping a diary is essential. Blake Austin is based in Chaddesden, Derby, and teaches at the Education and Semi-Professional Football Academy – and said his diary is what keeps him on track every day.

Blake said: “In the classroom, I have so many different things to deal with and I’m constantly dealing with different issues. Keeping the diary to hand allows me to keep track of my daily schedule so I can get through the full workload.”

“I prefer the physical diary to the one on my phone. I use my phone for too many other things and find myself forgetting stuff when it’s most important, so the physical diary keeps me on track,” Blake, who is in his second year of teaching, added.


A silver pen sits on a diary with with white pages.
Many people still use diaries in everyday life, they’re a very useful tool. (Credit: Wallpaperflare.com)

5) Plan your week on a Sunday night

Have you ever been sitting at home on a Sunday night and, all of a sudden, you get a wave of anxiety at the thoughts of just how much you have to do this week? Well, taking a little bit of time on a Sunday night to plan your week can help make all the difference.

Taking one day at a time, you can list your three most important tasks for each day. This means you will have a clear plan for your week and can complete easily achievable tasks each day – which in turn will help to increase the feeling of productivity

So that’s our five best tips to help you remember things. We’ll be sure to use these around our offices and classrooms but if you have any other ideas that we haven’t listed here be sure to let us know on our socials.