The 7 best food choices at Sheffield Christmas market

Sheffield Christmas market: the seven best food options including Yorkshire pudding wraps and German sausages

A staple of Christmas markets, German sausages are available from Sheffield this year

Sheffield’s Christmas market has returned for 2021, with over 50 stalls for shoppers to choose from. With more stalls comes more food options though, and it can be difficult knowing which ones are best.

We’re here to take you through the best food choices at this years market, including vegetarian/vegan and dessert options.

German Sausages

German Sausages, or wursts, are a staple food of Christmas markets and this is no different at Sheffield’s. Along with the traditional bratwurst, which costs £5, there are currywurst and kasewurst for £5.50. There is also the krakauer, a sausage made up of pork, beef and a blend of spices available for £6.

Tornado Potatoes

Tornado Potatoes offer their signature spiralled shaped potatoes with a range of toppings including bacon and cheese, piri piri salt, curry sauce, bbq sauce and garlic mayo.

If those toppings don’t satisfy they also allow you to create your own from all available toppings as well as substituting the spiral potato for nachos. Whether you order nachos with cheese or a potato loaded with several toppings, Tornado Potatoes charges a flat £5 for its food.

The Christmas Roast Hut

No Yorkshire Christmas market would be complete without a Yorkshire pudding wrap stall, with Sheffield’s being the Christmas Roast Hut. Yorkshire pudding wraps are available with turkey, beef and pork, with each costing £8. Roast potatoes are also available for £3 with bottled drinks costing £2.

The Noodle Bar

Easily identified by its takeaway box-shaped stall, the noodle bar offers exactly what you’d exact. Plain noodles are available for £5 with added chicken or beef costing an additional £1.50. Sweet and sour, curry and black bean sauces cost £1, with soy sauce, sriracha, sweet chilli and hot sauce all available for free.

You can’t miss the noodle bar at the Christmas market with its unique design

100% Vegan

With veganism and vegetarianism becoming increasingly more common, it has become more important than ever for events as big as Sheffield Christmas market to have vegan and vegetarian options available.

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Selling vegan versions of traditional street food, 100% Vegan is perfect for any non meat eaters looking for a place to eat at Sheffield market. Vegan bratwursts and burgers are both available for £5 along with sweet potato pakora wraps for £8.

Gourmet Burger Co.

The Gourmet Burger Co. offer minted lamb, pork and apple, venison and classic beef burgers for £4.50. Fries are also available for £3.50 or you can upgrade to sweet potato fries which cost £4.

As well as this, all burgers and fries are available with cheese for an extra 50p with condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and sweet chilli all on offer for free.

Offering a range of burger meats, the Gourmet Burger Co is well worth trying out

Sweet Treats

There are many different options if you’re looking for sweet treats at this years market. There are stalls offering churros with a choice of sauce for £6, ‘chocolate kisses’ for £1.50 each or 12 for £12 and brownies for £3.50 each or two for £6.

This is alongside the main sweet stall which sells flavoured fudge and candyfloss both for £2 and a pick and mix of traditional sweets.

There is plenty of choice for those with a sweet tooth, including the main fudge and sweet stall