Four cafés in Derby worth trying if you’ve got a sweet tooth

Why desserts from these four Derby places are so heavenly - and well worth a try

This is an image of pancakes
Check out the pancakes at BEAR Derby. Photo: Grete Ubartaite

When you’re out and about in Derby, there are lots of great places to stop for a quick cuppa and a slice of cake.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping, socialising with friends or just heading out for a quick walk, you should find there is plenty of choice when it comes to getting that sugar fix.

With this in mind, StoryHub has been trying some of the city’s most popular places – and here’s our verdict on four of them:


If you are looking for a coffee shop that is cosy – but still gives that artsy vibe – the BEAR Derby is perfect for you. They have two coffee shops: one on 7 Iron Gate in the Cathedral Quarter, and the other in the Derbion centre.

Their menu includes everything from filling meals for breakfast to cocktails for a night out. Particularly for desserts, they have everything from cookies to cupcakes and cakes and they are displayed on the counter by the till.

If you fancy something warm, order their sweet pancakes from the menu, we promise you will not regret it.

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2) POINT SIX Coffee House

POINT SIX Coffee House is located a little walk away from the city centre, at 124 Kedleston Road.

Although very small in size with just a few tables to sit, it is the cosiest place to have a small cup of coffee and one of the best cakes you have ever tried.

You will find their desserts displayed on the counter by the till.

Keep in mind that, despite its small size, it is a quite popular place – so do not be surprised if you have to wait for a table.

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3) Heavenly Desserts

Heavenly Desserts are an established fine dining desserts restaurant and are located at 11 London Road, next to the mall Intu.

As they specify in desserts, do not be surprised when you spend at least 10 minutes just trying to decide what you would like to try.

Also, do not be shocked, if you accidentally end up ordering one than more dessert because we can assure you, that choosing only one is torture.

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4) Carnero Lounge

Located on 10 St Peters Street, in the middle of the city centre, Carnero Lounge may not seem like the first place you would go for a dessert – however, it is worth going there.

The interior is filled with art pieces and it seems even more spectacular in the evening with the low lighting. The menu offers loads of meals for every taste but specifically for the desserts, they have a variety to choose from puddings and cakes to churros.  

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