Four helpful tips for your dissertation

National Dissertation Day 26th April, 2021 - Four helpful tips for your dissertation

National Dissertation Day 2021

Did you know that today is National Dissertation Day?

Well, it is in America – but that doesn’t mean that UK students shouldn’t take note.

The day has been held every April since 2018 and was established by Dr Russell Strickland, the founder and CEO of Dissertation Done to motivate students after research suggested that only 50% of students in the US who enrol in a doctoral degree tend to complete their work and get the degree award.

Applicable in all countries, undergraduate and post-graduate students of different universities are doing research and several assessments during this time of the year to enable them graduate and lend their talents to the society, earn, and maybe change the world.

While assessments can be a burden and many students tend to procrastinate until deadline is near, a dissertation (which is also known as a thesis) needs thorough research and planning and should not be rushed.

A great dissertation should be a well-structured piece of writing that contains an abstract, introduction, literature review, research methods, findings, discussions, conclusion, and references. It should follow and meet the marking criteria for the module.

So, if you’re in the process of writing your dissertation, here are some top tips to help you achieve your best.

1. Choose research topic and title wisely:

The topic and title needs to be genuine, it should identify a problem and attempt to find solutions to the issues raised.

The research should be course-related and incorporate your areas of interest, previous research, and future problems.

Think about whether your research topic is SMART – it should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based.

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2. Make sure you do thorough research:

In order to write a good dissertation, students are advised to read and review numerous research journals in their areas of study and research. Be honest when collating and reporting data.

3. Book Tutorials:

Make sure you take the opportunity to discuss your dissertation progress if tutorials are made available. One-to-one supervision over the research period is vital.


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4. Beat the deadline:

Make sure you plan your schedule to ensure your work is completed ahead of the deadline. This will give you time to check it thoroughly before submission.


So, if you’re a student approaching your dissertation phase or are you struggling with your research, use National Dissertation Day as a motivation to knock off the procrastination habit, and put your mind back into writing so you can graduate and make impact in the world.

Get back on track,

Yes you can!