EA brings Epic scale back to Battlefield

Battlefield 2021 has "epic-scale" according to EA

credit @MicroTranzaction

There have been multiple leaks and rumours regarding the upcoming Battlefield game which is due for release holiday period 2021. The press release they put out lacked any key detail, but they did promise a reveal soon.

EA revealed that this is their “biggest Battlefield Development team ever” which bodes well for the game as they push through for a release this year. EA has stated that the experience of this game will be “Jaw-dropping” and call it a “return to all-out warfare”. This is something a lot of fans felt was missing from the last game, Battlefield V.

The release seems to be on schedule for the multiple studios working as they claim they are already playtesting the game and simply polishing it up, getting ready for a reveal which many fans will believe will most likely be in May. This is due to the fact that both previous titles in the series were revealed in May to build up Hype for EA Play in June where more was shown of the games.

EA have stated that the game takes the essence Battlefield and “takes it to the next level” with epic scale, all-out warfare and those exciting only in Battlefield Moments. This seems like the game will have matches with higher player counts, more destruction, and more vehicles per map.

Many fans are cautiously optimistic as Battlefield V had a very mixed reception. The way that the teams working on the next Battlefield game describe it seems reminiscent of the older Battlefield 4 which is one of the most beloved entries in the series, with plenty of servers still running.

For now, many fans of the games are patiently waiting for the reveal and hoping for the setting they want. Many are claiming the game takes place in the modern age with one leaker claiming he’s seen footage of a trailer and the game takes place in the very near future.

Others are claiming the game is going to the Vietnam conflict and will focus on small scale US-Soviet engagements.

Whatever the case, no more can be done except wait for the reveal trailer before anyone can draw conclusions.