How to best use the combat mods available to you in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: How to use the Warmind cell and Charged with Light mods

Commander Zavala standing in front of the face of the Empress of the Cabal, Caiatl, for the Season of the Chosen. Credit: Bungie
Commander Zavala standing in front of the face of the Empress of the Cabal, Caiatl, for the Season of the Chosen. Credit: Bungie

With combat style mods getting changes in how you can acquire them at the start of season 14 in Destiny 2, more players will be able to get their hands on them.

However, for some, this will be the first time they have experience in how to use these powerful mods.

Do not worry though, as this guide by our correspondent Thomas Ward will show you the basics of how to use Charged with Light and Warmind Cell mods. This includes recommendations of some of the best builds available when you have the mods unlocked.

What is Charged with Light?

Charged with Light can be achieved when competing a set objective on a mod – so, for example, one of the ways to become Charged with Light is picking up an orb of power.

A key indicator of what mod generates Charged with Light is the green outline around the mod. At a base, you can hold two stacks of Charged with Light which can be increased with two Solar mods that can increase the amount you hold by either one or three.

The charged with light mods were first introduced back in Season of the Dawn with an original of 16 mods being added, while a further 12 were added in the Season of Arrival a few seasons afterwards.

What can you do with a stack of Charged with Light?

Well, the easiest way is to use the mod High-Energy Fire which gives your weapon bonus damage, but when you kill an enemy, it consumes your stack of Charged with Light.

Paired with Taking Charge and a masterworked weapon, it will be a very useful set-up for any type of activity, plus it will leave you with three mod slots available for you to use and choose from.

What should I run in Higher-Level content?

For me, I run Protective Light instead of High-Energy Fire, as Protective Light gives you a large boost of resistance to enemy damage when your shields are broken, and the more stack you have, the longer it will last which can come in useful in high-intensity moments.

When paired with something like Charged Up, that allows you to carry one extra charge, giving you 15 seconds of high resistance to enemies, it is very handy to have.

Charged With Lights mods can help out in end game activities like the raid, Deep Stone Crypt. Credit: Bungie

What are some of the most powerful mods?

Well, the two that stick out are the arc mods Powerful Friends and Radiant Light. Powerful gives the bonus of granting nearby allies charged with light when you become charged with light, and also gives a plus 20 stat bonus to Mobility when paired with another arc mod.

Radiant gives the bonus of giving nearby allies charged with light when you cast your super, and like Powerful it grants a plus 20 stat bonus, this time to strength. Of course, Powerful paired with Radiant allows for the free stat bonus, and can seriously help when building an armour set.

Overall, Charged with Light is a very versatile mod set-up and will require some degree of experimentation to find what works for you. But the basic set-ups are still a very useful and helpful for you in any degree of content without restricting your loadouts.


  • Taking Charge: Neutral affinity, Three Energy Cost
  • High-Energy Fire: Neutral affinity, Four Energy Cost
  • Protective Light: Void affinity, Two Energy Cost (Swap in Higher Level Content)
  • Powerful Friends: Arc affinity, Four Energy Cost
  • Radiant Light: Arc affinity, Three Energy Cost
  • Charged Up: Solar affinity, Two Energy Cost
The new Europa Armor set can house all of the new armour mods available to use. Credit: Bungie

The warmind cells were first introduced in Season of the Worthy with a total of 19 mods for you to use in a mod set-up. These mods are broken up by their elemental affinity with six arc, solar, and void mods, with a single neutral mod.

What is a Warmind cell?

A Warmind cell is an orange ball that pops out of enemies when killed by Seventh Seraph or Ikelos weapons with a single Warmind cell mod equipped to your armour. When shot, these cell explodes dealing damage to nearby combatants and this aspect can be improved upon with the mods you select.

What is the main mod to use?

The main mod to base around any cell build is the neutral mod Global Reach which increases the area of effectiveness of the Warmind cells making them extremely effective in crowd control and depending on how you tweak it, can clear entire rooms in battlegrounds or nightfalls.

The element affinity of the mods changes up how Warmind cells behave with void mods granting more utility options with them, arc mods granting more ad control options and solar mods generating bigger and more effective explosions.

What are the most effective mods to use?

For me, the solar mods get the most out of Warmind cells and, when paired with global reach, it’s a really destructive set-up that can challenge most forms of PvE content. One of the solar mods to look out for is Wrath of Rasputin which allows solar splash damage to generate cells as well, which allows stuff like solar grenades and supers to generate cells, giving you a bit more build diversity.

The Exotic Ticuu’s Divination which can cause solar explions which helps in warmind cell generation. Credit: Bungie

This is great when paired with another solar Warmind mod, Rage of the Warmind, as the explosion from the Warmind cell has the chance to generate another cell for you and has the potential to snowball in high clusters of enemies.

Any other mods that can be used?

A good protection mod to have on is Warmind’s protection which decreases the amount of damage you receive from enemies that are near Warmind cells, which works with global reach so the area that this affects will be greatly increased, so you have the potential to gain resistance to all the enemies in the room with a single Warmind cell.

Overall, Warmind cells are one of the most broken mods set out there, with the potential of clearing rooms with just one explosion, however, it never gets old doing and can be ridiculously fun to do in a fireteam of three.


  • Global Reach: Neutral affinity, One Energy Cost
  • Wrath of Rasputin: Solar affinity, One Energy Cost
  • Rage of the Warmind: Solar affinity, Five Energy Cost
  • Warmind’s Protection: Void affinity, Two Energy Cost
  • Free choice for you to choose from.

Hopefully, this guide can help you to best utilise these powerful benefits for you in PvE content to make your Destiny experience and more enjoyable time.