Top 7 Massively Multiplayer Online games in 2021

The Top 7 Massively Multiplayer Online games in 2021

An image of the World of Warcraft logo
Credit: @Blizzard

If you are into your Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, there are plenty for you to sink your teeth into and avoid the raging storm that is 2021 outside. From high Fantasy to Hardcore Sci-Fi this list will be a comprehensive look at the top 7 MMOs in 2021.

  1. World of Warcraft: 2.5 million active players
Credit: @WTFast                   An image of The Burning Crusade game Manual

The OG, the big dog, the one that everyone has heard of. World of Warcraft has had a massive impact on the genre. Its newest expansion, Shadowlands finally breathed some life into the old dog through a brilliant new endgame that is one of the best the game has ever seen.  New features, such as Torghast which bring an element of roguelike dungeons to the game by changing the layout and loot each time you enter or the Timewalk events that lets you go back to the older dungeons of the game for loot, add some fun back into the constant grind.

Whether its raids, dungeons or solo questing, WoW is currently in the best state it’s been in for a long time.


  1. Old School RuneScape – 2 million active players

    Credit: @MicroTranZactions            The OSRS opening menu on Mobile

Going to show that sometimes the old ways are in fact the best OSRS hits the second spot on this list as it’ top-down view and easily recognisable music are unmistakeable.

If you never played RuneScape, you know someone who did or does. The game has had a lot of updates since it’s initial release, both gameplay wise and graphically, while it still maintains that classic RuneScape look and feel it has managed to modernise just enough to keep itself relevant.

The constant grind to get every skill to 99, the plethora of quests and the PvP areas are a massive draw that keep players coming back.


  1. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – 1.5 million players

    Credit: @MicroTranZactions             A female Character stood in front of a vast landscape

Voted as the best MMO of 2020 by PC Gamer, the massive Final fantasy game is easily one of the best on the market with a storyline that will grip you from beginning to end with some of the most emotional scenes ever witnessed in an MMO to the massive 24-man alliance raids that pit your teams against some of the hardest bosses in the game FFXIV is outstanding in all fields.

One of the best features however is the ability to change class without changing character. The simple equipping of an item allows one to swap from healer to ninja in a matter of moments.


  1. Destiny 2 – 800 thousand players

    credit: @Brad                                              The Destiny 2 Forsaken Logo

Destiny 2 is an FPS Set in a post-apocalyptic solar system after the Golden Age of Humanity has long since passed.

Destiny 2 is the first and only First-person shooter MMO on this list. The game has had a new rise in popularity since it went free-to-play meaning that the PvP crucible modes are now constantly active.

Alongside this, the Strikes and Raids are always active too so getting good endgame loot has never been more possible.

The MMO has 3 classes to pick from; within those three classes are three specialities that allow the player to customise and optimise the best possible build for their play style.


  1. The Elder Scrolls Online – 600 thousand players
credit: @Bethesda                                A Warrior looks up at the mountains of Skyrim

The elder scrolls online take the classic elder scrolls adventure game and turns it into an MMO, complete with crafting, stealing and murder should it take your fancy.

The Elder Scrolls online has some of the best expansions in the market that allow players to travel all over the fictional continent of Tamriel allowing players to revisit old and beloved locations.

If you are a solo player playing for the lore then you will find plenty to keep your interest with books, quests and story that allow you to really immerse yourself in the world.

If you want to ruin someone else’s day, the alliance war mode is the biggest PvP mode in the game wherein the three major factions of the game fight over waypoints and castles on a massive map and wrestle for control of the capital city.


  1. Black Desert Online – 600 thousand players

    credit: @Pearl Abyss                           The BDO Remastered logo

Korean MMOs are often nothing more than grind-fests made to eat up every waking minute of your life. Yes, Black Desert online is no different, but it does look pretty while it is doing it.

BDO is one of the best looking MMOs on the market with flashy and fluid combat and just generally good-looking character models, it looks fabulous.

The game itself however is brutal as it makes players grind constantly to get the best gear and loot, but it also offers one of the best sandboxes allowing players to pick all types of careers and with enough care and effort start their own production empires complete with automated workers to do all the tedious stuff for you.


  1. Star Citizen – 500 thousand players

    credit: @Julien Mercier            A pilot stands waiting in a Hangar with his ship

How does a game that is not even close to being finished have so many players? The players themselves do not seem to know as they constantly complain about bugs and issues.

The game itself looks outstanding, allowing players massive amounts of freedom to do whatever they want and yet players seem to forget the game is not finished and so bugs are prevalent.

Play this game at your own risk. There will be issues as you fly through the void in your star-ship.