Who’s likely to be the next Prime Minister? Here are the latest odds

Who's likely to be the next Prime Minister? Here are the latest odds as Brexit saga continues

The Houses of Parliament. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

With Brexit tensions and uncertainty at an all-time high, it’s unclear how much longer Theresa May will stay in her position as Prime Minister.

MPs are due to hold further votes later on today about possible Brexit options, as the saga about how and when Britain will leave the European Union continues.

But, amid all the Brexit confusion, it’s also uncertain exactly how long Mrs May will remain in office, with reports last week suggesting she would be willing to step aside if MPs backed her deal.

It is unlikely, however, she is set to resign anytime soon and, even if she does, there is uncertainty about who her successor would be.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the figures believed to be most likely to take over, according to Bet365’s betting odds:

5) Jacob Rees-Mogg – 33/1

Jacob Rees-Mogg, chairman of the European Research Group. Credit: Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament

The MP for North East Somerset often makes headlines with his support for a clean break from the European Union. As chairman of the European Research Group (ERG), he has often been a leading figure in Commons rebellions against Theresa May’s deal.

Anyone wanting to see him become Prime Minister might be disappointed, however. While he is popular with the Conservative grassroots, he has little support from the Parliamentary party.

According to reports, he has also always denied wanting to be Prime Minister anyway.

4) Andrea Leadsom – 20/1

Andrea Leadsom, Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Credit: Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament

Coming in next is Theresa May’s former rival for Tory leadership after David Cameron’s resignation.

Leadsom was originally a popular candidate with Conservative Brexiteers due to her performance in the Leave campaign during the referendum.

Her chances came to an end after her campaign shuddered to a halt when she was accused of suggesting that having children made her a better choice to be Prime Minister.

Could she succeed a second time round?

3) Sajid Javid – 11/1

Sajid Javid, Home Secretary. Credit: Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament

After his move to the Home Office last year, the MP for Bromsgrove has attracted some attention as a possible leadership candidate.

Recently, however, his attention has been focused on domestic matters like knife crime, immigration and the controversial citizenship status of Shamima Begum, the schoolgirl who left London to join ISIS back in 2015.

3) Jeremy Hunt – 9/1

Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary. Credit: Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament

The current Foreign Secretary and former Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has long been a loyal supporter of Theresa May and her Brexit deal – which could put him in good standing with her remaining supporters as a possible successor.

His loyalty could put him at a disadvantage, however, if the tide continues to turn against the Prime Minister and an alternative deal is presented.

2) Jeremy Corbyn – 15/2

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition. Credit: Suzanne Plunkett

As leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn has not had the easiest time. Rebellions against his leadership and an anti-Semitism crisis have plagued the Labour Party for much of his tenure.

Despite resistance from the Parliamentary Labour party, Corbyn remains popular with sections of the party membership.

The collapse of the Government and a snap general election could be all he needs to enter number 10.

1) Boris Johnson or Michael Gove – 5/1

Boris Johnson. Credit: Andrew Parsons – Flickr
Michael Gove. Credit: Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament










Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are joint first in the betting odds to take over the Premiership and are both obvious candidates to challenge Theresa May’s leadership and seek a new Brexit deal.

Johnson especially has been a prominent opponent of the Prime Minister after resigning over objections to her Brexit deal.

There have also been reports that he seeks to launch a leadership bid if Theresa May falls.

Michael Gove famously sunk Boris Johnson’s first leadership bid after the referendum result and ran a brief campaign of his own.

It’s possible he could try again, perhaps challenging Johnson for the second time.