Logic releases blockbuster seventh mixtape

Review: Logic - Bobby Tarrantino II

Logic’s latest piece of work was released on Saturday.

Bobby Tarantino II is the second of the Bobby Tarantino tapes and a solid piece of work like we have come to expect from the Maryland rapper.

The mixtape is perfectly balanced with chilled out songs that make you mellow and equally, a fair few songs that make you want to steal someone’s bike and go on a frenzy around

Logic recently released his seventh mixtape and the sequel to his popular piece of work ‘Bobby Tarantino’

your local area.

The 12-song tape also includes a cameo from the hugely successful Rick and Morty crew to provide a quirky intro to the whole tape.

If you’re wondering what the difference between an album and a mixtape is; an album is a standalone piece created to make sales and a mixtape is a piece of work, often very similar to an album, but there is less pressure for sales and more freedom to be creative.

Often now there is no real difference between the two.

In terms of lyrical ability, this piece of work yet again proves that Logic is at the peak of his ability.

Featuring the hit-single ‘Everyday’, Bobby Tarantino II doesn’t just give fans what they’ve heard in the run up.

For example, the hugely successful single 1-800-273-8255 was left out of the track-list even though the cover art for the single was the same as the cover for the new mixtape.

This album is a new step for Rap music according to Logic who says on this new piece of work he is “talking about things the mainstream media aren’t talking about”.

The singles that were released pre-mixtape are the very popular Everyday along with 44 more, a very clever sequel to his hit song 44 bars.

This means the output of this new piece of work is 90% new music that has not previously been heard.

Along with Wiz Khalifa, other artists like Marshmello, Big Sean and 2 Chainz all make an appearance on the record.

Other artists are mentioned too; the long standing feud that Logic and Joyner Lucas are involved in reignited itself in the track ‘Yuck’ where Logic lyrically assaults the Massachusetts rapper about his “jealous tendencies”.

If you love rap music or are a fan of a variety of music types then have a listen.