Review: A night at Buzz Bingo Derby – with a difference

Review: A night at Buzz Bingo Derby - with a difference

Buzz Bingo ready to host a very different evening
Buzz Bingo was ready to host a very different evening. Photo: Max Wilkins

Derby City Buzz Bingo has played host to an event with a bit of a difference – a live show evening of raunchy entertainment.

The event got started at 8pm on May 19, kicking off with a traditional game of bingo. 10 pages, four flyers all paired, with an expanded bar selection and a new menu to boot.

Some lucky customers came away with up to £1,000 on the evening. This was a fun and different start to a night out compared to most people’s usual.

The main event of the night started at 9pm, with a drag queen act who combined singing and comedy to get the crowd on their feet and ready for an evening’s entertainment.

There were quite a few new members to the club that evening, which then saw two male performers take to the stage and make their way around the hall to lots of high-pitched cheers from the crowd. Can’t talk about what they did – but use your imagination…

The interval followed the first performance, with renditions of all the classic night-out songs. From ABBA to Neil Diamond, the crowd were on their feet singing and dancing along. The bar was as busy as you can imagine.

Another drag queen act followed the interval which was well received, as the first one was. More singing, dancing and comedy kept the energy going.

The second show by male performers began and, after over a 40-minute wait, they were well received by an audience growing more impatient by the minute: “Kind of just want to see more really,” one customer laughed.

All the performers came out together for a finale which went down well with the audience in the club. They ended up getting stuck taking photos with customers for nearly 15 minutes following the show’s ending.

A night out with a difference which seemed to be enjoyed by the customers.