Why part of this Derby road was left without a new surface

Why part of Derby's Slack Lane was left without a new road surface

Road Resurfacing on Slack lane
The road resurfacing work taking place on Slack Lane. Photo: Konnor Wallis.

Part of a Derby residential street was left without a new road surface after it is believed a parked car prevent workers from completing the job.  

The incident happened along Slack Lane, leaving people living along the street confused about what had happened.

Roadworks began late last week to resurface the road, with the new tarmac now extending to Cheviot Street, where work will continue this week.  

The area provides a popular route into the centre of Derby from the west. Many commuters exit the A38 onto Brankensdale Avenue. 

The route offers easier passage to and from the city centre than others nearby, such as Ashbourne Road or Uttoxeter New Road, which are much busier at peak commuting times.

No Parking Here Notice
The road was left without its new surface as a result. Photo: Konnor Wallis.

But a large patch of road along Slack Lane did not initially receive the new surface as it is believed the car was still parked in the street when work commenced.

One workman on site explained the situation to StoryHub: “We were supposed to have done all the way down to there [Cheviot Street]. We’ve only done one side of the road for now. 

“Hopefully it will get sorted soon and we can keep going.” 

A resident who lives along nearby Jackdaw Close, who asked not to be named, said: “I bet they’ll have to come back and do that bit again. It might be an honest mistake but it’ll cause a nuisance for everyone.”

There is no longer a parked car in the road but there currently remains a large uneven gap in the road surface. For now, the work has continued further down the road. 

Signage originally indicated that the last road closure would occur on Friday, May 26 – it is unknown if this will cause delays. 

Road Closure Signs
The road closure signs in place in the area. Photo: Konnor Wallis.

No-one from Derby City Council was available to comment on the issue.

The asphalt mixture used in the new road surface is quick setting, which has allowed the road to remain open outside of working hours. 

For more information about roadworks in and around Derby, visit the council’s official website.