Derby homelessness charities to hold open evening to discuss their plans to merge

YMCA Derbyshire and Derby's Padley Group to hold open evening to discuss their plans to merge

This image shows the general plight of homelessness.
This image shows the general plight of homelessness. Two charities in Derby are hoping to merge to support people facing homelessness. Credit:

Two homeless prevention charities in Derby who are due to merge will hold an open evening to discuss their plans with the wider public.

The Padley Group and YMCA Derbyshire are both city organisations which aim to provide help and support for people facing homelessness in the area.

The YMCA offers both emergency accommodation and longer-term housing – with 193 beds available in Derby and across Derbyshire for those in need – while Derby’s Padley Group has an extensive record of support for those in the local community over the past 85 years.

They are planning to merge to create Padley@YMCA Derbyshire, so that they can provide extra support and housing.

And they will hold an open evening to discuss the merger on Tuesday, June 13, from 6.30pm, at the YMCA Derbyshire Campus in London Road.

Helping people live independently is the aim of YMCA – and it offers support with finances, work, cooking, and mental health provisions.


Merging with the Padley Group is just the latest chapter in its long history. Gillian Sewell, chief executive at YMCA Derbyshire, told Derbyshire Live: “We will be working together to develop the housing and support offer from both organisations.”

Derby’s Padley Group provided over 2,600 cooked meals and more than 700 closing parcels to those in need over the past year. Their mission statement is to “support and empower those affected by homelessness to improve their lives”.

To achieve this, the Padley Group said it aims to focus on creating a safe and accepting environment to provide the resources, support and opportunities for vulnerable people to move towards independence.

Di Litchfield, Padley Group business manager, told Derbyshire Live: “This merger will enable us to grow our funding, which means a stronger, more impactful organisation.”

The open evening, which will run until 8pm, plans to provide people with information and answer any questions they have about the two organisations merging, while also providing a chance to meet the team.

To reserve a place at the Padley@YMCA Derbyshire open evening, visit this online page.