Sheffield Christmas market more successful than ever

Sheffield Christmas market: stall owners say business is better than ever in 2021

The 'Pixi Daisy' stall run by Andrew Tollerfield, who says business is better than ever

After a hiatus for 2020, Sheffield Christmas market is back for 2021 and market stall owners say business is better than ever.

The market started on the 15 November, opening from 10am to 6pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 10am to 8pm on Friday and Saturdays in December.

Many Sheffield-based businesses say it is a great opportunity with over 80% of the market’s traders hailing from Sheffield or the surrounding areas.

Sheffield-born Andrew Tollerfield, 54, has run the stall for ‘Pixi Daisy‘ at the market for four years and says this year has seen an increase in the amount of business compared to previous years.

He said “compared to the last time we were here in 2019, we have seen about a 20% increase in our takings.

This also reflects the increase in the footfall that we have seen this year and it is really positive to see so many people supporting the business.”

An infographic showing details about Sheffield’s Christmas market

James McDonald, 25, works for ‘The Sheffield Candle Company’ at the market and says they have earned much more this year than he was expecting.

He said: “Out of all my previous years business, this year has definitely been my best which helped because last year we basically had no business at all.

We are a very small business, maybe only like five or ten people so to have done so well at the market has really been amazing.”

James McDonald runs Sheffield Candle Company’s stall and says business is better than they expected

“It has been the best period for the business so far in our six years of running.”

Martine Forrest, 42, helps to run the stall for ‘Wax This Way’, a vegan candle making business which is a newcomer to the market for this year.

She has been shocked at how busy they have been saying, “it has been extremely busy on the weekends and on days that are not like today (windy and rainy).

Sundays have been especially busy which has been fantastic, so we can’t really complain at that.”

While business owners have seen the positives of this year’s Christmas market, some shoppers have been left disappointed.

Alfie Shipstone, 19, was left frustrated at the low amount of shopping stalls at the market compared to food stalls.

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The retail worker said: “The market is good, but I wish there were more stalls for buying gifts because the selection is quite limited.

There are way too many food options and a lot of them sell the same thing so their space could be used for different and more diverse shops.”

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