The Derby pub that offers great beers – and amazing live music

Why Derby's Horse and Groom pub is great to go to for live music on a Saturday night

This is an image of Horse and Groom pub
Pictured is the inside of the Horse and Groom pub. Photo: Grete Ubartaite

Derby has a variety of local pubs and bars and, if you fancy spending your night in one, there is a chance you might struggle to decide which one to choose.

If you decide to go for live music and a pint of beer, we recommend the Horse and Groom, which is located at 48 Elms Street.

Apart from the beers, the pub also offers a variety of gins that you can drink in their lovely beer garden.

You can also kick back and play a game of darts or challenge your friend to a game of pool.

Every Saturday, from 9pm, the Horse and Groom hosts live music gigs with different bands which include all music genres, so everyone can hear something they like.

Check out their Facebook page to find out what is coming up in the pub.

On May 14, the stage was dedicated to Rip It Up and the pub was filled with the rock ‘n’ roll classics of the 50s and 60s.

Although the stage was quite small and the majority of the dance floor was occupied by tables, the atmosphere was lovely.

You could tell that the audience was filled with music lovers, as they applauded the band after every song.

Some of the listeners took to the dance floor, and some just stayed at their tables, but everyone could tell that the band had the attention of the audience for the whole night – even when Eurovision escalated later in the evening.

The listeners were not the only ones music-mesmerised – so were the musicians themselves, as every gap between the songs was filled with jokes, short stories and laughter.

Even the ones who at first were invested in Eurovision took a glance at what was happening on the stage.

The bar staff also contributed to the wonderful atmosphere by making sure everyone was happy with their orders. A fantastic night – and we can’t wait to go back again.