StoryHub Today: 21/4/21 (Team 2)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Sam Allen, Toby Hill, Trent Hutson, Alex Wood, Josh Holland and Ed Hague-Saunders.

Grimsby Town Takeover

Grimsby Town’s majority shareholder John Fenty has agreed to sell his stake in the club to a consortium made up of two entrepreneurs with strong links to the town. The Mariners are once again on the verge of relegation to non-league after a season shrouded in on and off-the-field controversies. Our reporter Sam Allen has more on this story…

Hemel Hempstead Plane

YouTuber turned London mayoral candidate Max Fosh has pulled his latest stunt in none other but Hemel Hempstead. He flew a plane over the town with the trailing sign ‘You’re beautiful to me, Hemel’. This came after the town was voted the ugliest in the UK in 2013. Despite this, Fosh wanted to share his love for the town. Toby Hill has more on the story…

Youth football in Lockdown

For most youngsters a career within Football sounds like the dream. However, when that part of everyday life for young athletes is taken away, it takes its toll. Trent Hutson has more, as three players share their pandemic stories and get back on the grass doing what they love.

Student Union election

Down at the University of Derby, the term may be ending, but the place is still buzzing as elections for their new student union just took place, leaving everyone talking about it. Our reporter Alex Wood went to find out what the process is all about and speak to the candidates running for the top job of President.

Wolves Women

After having two promotions denied in the previous two seasons, Wolves Women showcased themselves in the FA Cup. Wins over higher division sides Nottingham Forest and Watford set up a tie against Championship side Blackburn Rovers. Despite losing 5-2, captain Anna Price was proud of her teammates for their spirited performance. Josh Holland has more on the underdog cup run…

Shops re-opening

Lockdowns around the country have hit businesses hard everywhere, with many struggling due to the forced closure. This past week, however, due to COVID restrictions easing, they could open up again and serve customers. How has their first week of service been? Ed Hague Saunders went to find out…

University return

In recent news, the Government announced all students at higher education or universities, including those on courses considered “non-practical”, are to return on May 17th. For some universities, many courses will have finished by that point. We sent Alex Wood down to the University of Derby to see what the fallout from students and staff was.