StoryHub Today: Tuesday 15th December (Team 3)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Louie Barrett, Max Barton, James Ridge and Harry Tizard.

Vaccine Developments

There has been another step forward in the battle against COVID-19, with vaccinations now available in GP surgeries.

The vaccine is not ready for everyone, though, with those most in need taking priority.

Harry Tizard reports.

5 day Christmas relaxation rule

This year, plans for Christmas festivities have been on hold because of the Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions put in place by the government.

But there will be a five-day period over Christmas where the tiered system regulations will be relaxed.

Up to three household can mix indoors and the members of that bubble don’t have to socially distance. Grandmothers and fathers are finally allowed to hug their younger loved ones.

But is this the right thing to do? ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ is now the message from the government.

Louie Barrett has more…

Rushcliffe building plan

Detailed plans for a new housing estate in Radcliffe-Upon-Trent have been submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council this week.

The proposed site is close to a location which was earmarked for 400 new homes and a school just a year ago.

Max Barton has more on this…

New Football teams surviving the Pandemic

With football teams up and down the country struggling to stay afloat financially during the pandemic, the sport is at risk of losing some historic names.

But what about new teams? With little money or experience, the lockdown has been difficult to navigate.

James Ridge spoke to the people at Stretford Paddock FC, as they look to get through the pandemic

The Rugby Club tackling loneliness

Loneliness is a prominent factor in care home residents, even without a global pandemic.

That’s why players at the University of Derby Rugby Union club have decided to contact residents at local care homes who might be feeling alone over Christmas.

Mark Bodey provides more detail…

Futsal Funding Withdrawal

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many sports in UK, and perhaps none more so than futsal.

The prioritisation of football has left many futsal players wondering what’s in store for the game they love.

Nathan Smith has more on this…

In an FA released statement at the time of the cuts, The FA stated that the cuts were “unavoidable due to the COVID-19 pandemic” but still recognise that futsal provides “important alternative opportunities for youth and adults.”

Using TikTok to build a music career

It goes without saying that Social Media has become one of the biggest components of our day-to-day life, with seemingly more bad news than good coming from the channels.

But what about the times when social media is used for something good?

James Ridge spoke to Michael Aldag, a student from the University of Liverpool, who has used his newfound fame, making comedy sketches on the app ‘TikTok’, to bolster his aspiring career in music.