StoryHub Today: Wednesday 9th December (Team 3)

StoryHub Today: Wednesday 9th December (Team 3)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Skaiste Urbonaite, Tayte Fordham, Dave Layzell, Kyle Lynch and Emmanuel Fadeyi.

Independent Businesses

The pandemic has affected everyone differently but after two lockdowns, small businesses have found different ways to keep open. Reporter Skaiste Urbonaite went out to see how store owners have adapted…

Tamworth Leisure Centre

Since the coronavirus pandemic first arrived in March, the leisure industry has struggled due to all the restrictions around sports activities. Tayte Fordham reports on how Wilnecote Leisure Centre in Tamworth has coped in these long nine months…

Interpreted Walks

Despite a push for accessibility over recent years, many areas still present problems for people with disabilities, particularly in more rural areas. Dave Layzell reports on a pioneering new scheme that may set the benchmark for accessible visits to tourist centres across the country.

Students Mental Health

“You expect to go to uni have this big experience where you meet loads of people but instead you’re in your hall”. A student from the University of Derby reveals the hardships of being isolated in halls for residence during the pandemic. Kyle Lynch reports…

The University of Derby say “the health and wellbeing of our staff, students and visitors is our primary concern”. More information here.

Derby Athletics

“It shocked everyone, nobody wanted what to do and for a few months the club just disappeared.” Grant Cummings talks about the impact the pandemic had on Derby athletics. Emmanuel Fadeyi spoke to him…