StoryHub Today: Wednesday 9th December (Team 2)

Student journalism from the University of Derby. Reporting by Daniel Ross, Matt Price, James Frith, and Oliver Woolley.

COVID Outreach

We start in Dagenham, where community outreach centre, Kingsley Hall has been
having to adapt in order to continue to support the community
during the pandemic.

Shrovetide 2021

With events across the country being cancelled due to the Coronavirus, there is one town that intends to stick to its tradition. Despite the game involving hundreds of participants, Ashbourne hopes to continue the game of Shrovetide in February and is open to adapting if needed. How will they manage to achieve this whilst other events have given up hope? Oliver Woolley and James Frith investigate.

Art Collective 

COVID-19 has had a big impact on smaller businesses and self-employed creators. Shopping at small and local businesses has been widely encouraged, but many have still had to close. Rosie Jones spoke to members of a small sustainable art collective in Manchester about their experiences during the pandemic.

Care Homes and the COVID Vaccine

With news of a vaccine lifting spirits across the country, there is no place where it is more welcome than the care industry, responsible for looking after the most vulnerable members of our society. How is the industry prepared for the vaccine and is there now a light at the end of the tunnel? Matt Price and Daniel Ross investigate.

Impact of COVID on Football

Football has been affected by COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. Here’s what a professional and academy player had to say about the virus’ impact on the sport.

Pubs and Restaurants hit hard during pandemic

A key area of debate in this pandemic is about pubs and restaurants: Should they open or close? From Derby, Daniel Ross brings this report.