Women‘s Volleyball: Derby 1st 3 – 1 University of East Anglia 1st

Women's Volleyball First Team
Women's Volleyball First Team

Derby University’s women’s 1st volleyball team came through with the 3-1 win after a tough start against the University of East Anglia‘s 1st team.

Derby, who were playing at home, lost the first set 17-25. That is the first set the team have lost this season.

Coach Victoria Glazewska missed the first set as she had led the Derby men’s 1st team to a victory against Cambridge away from home earlier on in the day. After the arrival of their coach Derby noticeably stepped up their game, winning the remaining three sets comfortably.

“I will analyse what happened in the first set when I watch the game back. I am happy with the last three sets,” Victoria said after the match.

“When I arrived I said to them, ‘forget everything from before, we start the game now’.”

Derby have started the season brilliantly, winning the first three games and only losing one set so far. Next game will be a top of the table clash against neighbours Nottingham at Kedleston Road next week.

“We feel powerful; we feel ready to win, and feel that we are a really good team,” stated coach Victoria after the match against East Anglia.

Similarly to Derby, Nottingham have won every game so far, making for an exciting and unpredictable affair.

How the game unfolded:

1st set: 5-4, 5-7 (Derby timeout), 8-10, 9-13, 11-16, 15-19 (Derby timeout), 16-22, 17-25 to East Anglia.

2nd set: 4-0 (East Anglia timeout), 6-3, 10-4, 13-4, 15-4 (East Anglia timeout), 17-6, 19-9, 22-14 (Derby timeout), 25-16 to Derby.

3rd set: 3-3, 7-4, 10-4 (East Anglia timeout), 12-7, 14-10, 19-11, 22-11 (East Anglia timeout), 25-17 to Derby.

4th set: 3-4, 6-6, 10-6, 13-6 (East Anglia timeout), 15-8, 18-9, 19-14, 21-15, 23-17, 25-17 to Derby.

Final result: 3-1.

By Guðmundur Ásgeirsson