Premier League Weekly: The Premier League title race

Podcast Description

Premier League Weekly analyses the main topics in the Premier League each week, providing in-depth discussion from guests, as well as insightful quotes from behind the scenes of the league.

Episode Description

This episode discusses the Premier League title race and the prospects of the teams that are involved. It is structured in a very particular way, first separately talking in-depth about the different teams that are in the title race. The discussion on the teams concludes with an insightful quote from Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who talks about the issues that face his team in the title race from now until the end of the season. The episode next discusses the fixtures taking place for the two title favourites, Liverpool and Manchester City, firstly talking about both their fixtures over December, before discussing their final five fixtures at the end of the season. Prior to concluding the episode, the guests and the host provide their final end of season predictions. The episode finishes by previewing what will be discussed in next week’s episode when the Premier League relegation battle will be analysed.