Interview: New Signing Jordan Burrows speaks on his move to Buxton FC

Former Boston United player speaks about how his move to Buxton FC was influenced by Bucks manager Craig Elliott.

This is an image of Buxton FC players warming up before a game.
The Buxton FC squad have had an amazing season finishing 11th in The National League North. (Credit - Elliot Steadman)

Buxton FC are coming off the back of a very successful first ever season in the National League North and have already started to look ahead to next season. 

On Monday, the Derbyshire club made their first signings of the season with both Luke Shiels and Jordan Burrow joining the club from Boston United. 

Elliot Steadman spoke to Burrow to find out more about what attracted him to Buxton FC. 

What drew you to Buxton football club?  

“The main pull for me was first and foremost how well they did in the league last year, obviously just missing out on the playoffs. I knew it was an ambitious club and I’m from the local area in Chesterfield so I know quite a bit about Buxton.  

“I’ve been looking at how they’ve been progressing from afar over the past few years and I’ve played against the club. I’ve also worked with the management staff before and they know everything I can offer and they trust me and I trust them.  

“What they’ve said to me and what they like, we can work on together, so all that grouped together, it was a good match.”  

What’s it like joining with a teammate?   

“Yeah Luke Shields is sound as well. I’ve played with him for the last three years, I know everything and what he’s about.  

“I already know quite a few of the lads who are at Buxton anyway, football is a small world. So that all makes it a little bit easier and I know the quality Luke has as well so knowing you have a top centre half at this level as well as yourself, that’s what you want as a player.  

“You want a competitive squad and a competitive group to go and challenge at the right end of the table. Obviously, this year Buxton just missed out on playoffs so next year the aim is to better last season’s performances.”  

What do you make of the facilities in and around the club?   

“Luke and I were there [at the facilities] for quite a while when we signed, we had a good look around.  

“There’s a good infrastructure, there’s a 4G pitch down there as well so it’s definitely a club that is on the up, that is ambitious and is going places.  

“They’ve got some great plans for the future but it’s not a case of running before you can walk, it’s a gradual process. 

“I think I played there a few years ago for York and Gateshead and the comparison to now is lightyears apart. The changing rooms and everything seem to be going in the right direction.  

“It’s a very ambitious football club and we want to progress and I want to be a part of it.”  

What qualities do you bring to the team?  

“My playing style is a bit of an old fashion centre forward, I’ll compete aerially, play my back to goal and link the play to get myself into the box.  

“I’ve got experience now, especially at this level, and to bring those leadership qualities to the dressing room and help the lads around me.  

“These are all things that we spoke about with the management staff and they’re all aware of and they know what I can bring.  

“And for people who don’t know they can find out and they can make their own judgements.”   

In addition to their two new signings, Buxton have also announced their retained list and are starting preparations early for the new season ahead.