New darts league coming to Derby pubs on Monday nights

Derby Monday Darts: New darts league coming to Derby's pubs

Darts board
A 180 is hit by a darts player. Photo Credit: Ashlee Atkinson-Adair

Team captains and pub owners have been reacting to the news that a new darts league has been formed in Derby.

At least eleven teams are expected to compete in the Derby Monday Darts competition, starting on June 1 and running until March 4 next year.

It will take place in pubs and bars across Derby and be played every Monday at 8pm.

The winner of each game will get three points, while participants will be awarded one point if the outcome is a draw. There will be six games every week for participating pubs, which will consist of two doubles games and four singles games.

StoryHub spoke to Matthew Rose, captain of Golden Eagle team, in Agard Street, what he thought of the upcoming league and what it means for the pub.

Matthew said: “The darts competition will be a fantastic opportunity for our pub and others in the area. It will bring a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition among the locals.

“It has also encouraged more people to try their hand at darts. We’ve seen an increase in people coming in for casual games or joining a pub’s darts team. This healthy competition and friendly social environment will make pubs a more vibrant and inclusive place for all.”

Darts player throwing
A darts player sets up to throw at the board. Photo Credit: Ashlee Atkinson-Adair

StoryHub asked Andy Trinket, the owner of The Brick and Tile, what he thought about the league and exactly what he expects the demand to be like.

Andy said: “Hosting the darts competition will not only increase our footfall but will hopefully also enhance our reputation as a social hub for darts enthusiasts. It’s a great way to engage with our community and showcase our pub as a welcoming place for people to gather and have a good time.

“It will almost certainly boost our business, attracting new customers and creating a lively atmosphere on competition nights.”

There are also ambitious plans to expand and improve the competition. With collaborations with local sponsors and societies, the aim is to increase the prize pool, attract skilled players from beyond Derby, and potentially host larger tournaments.