Hollywood awaits for Wrexham A.F.C as Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney takeover is confirmed

Hollywood awaits for Wrexham A.F.C as famous actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are set to takeover the club

Wrexham's new owners
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are looking to film a documentary on the club. (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore and Dick Thomas Johnson)

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are set to complete the takeover of Wrexham A.F.C after the Wrexham Supporters Trust voted unanimously in favour of the move. 

It was revealed back in September who the ‘two extremely well-known individuals of high net worth’ that Wrexham A.F.C had said approached the club with interest of a takeover.

This was following 97.5% of 1,223 members voting in favour of talks continuing and therefore allowing the club to reveal, to the fans shock, that Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney were the possible investors.

The takeover which now only requires FA approval will see the duo take 100% control of the club and an immediate two million pound cash investment will be made into the side.

The prospective owners put forward their plans at a special general meeting last month where there were 2,000 members in attendance. The attendees then had a week to cast their vote as to whether they were in favour of the takeover or not.

Former Governing Body Director of the football club, Richard Ulrich, 43, from Rhosddu, Wrexham spoke on what was said by the actors in the meeting with the fans.

Ulrich said: “They believe Wrexham is a sleeping giant. That the club has got an incredible story with the stadium, the fans, the sky is the limit basically.”

How Wrexham became this ‘sleeping giant’ that Ryan Reynolds spoke of.

It wouldn’t take much to convince the currently fan-owned club to hand the reigns over to the Hollywood actors. However, the humorous promise of beating arch-rivals Chester if they ever crossed paths was what really won the fans over.

“Rob mentioned several times that if we ever played Chester then we would definitely beat them,” Ulrich said.

The Red Dragons have already shown their potential of becoming this ‘global force’ that Ryan Reynolds spoke of by attracting fans from across the globe.

Derek Montilla, a 39-year-old sports journalist from Phoenix, Arizona is one of the many newly adopted fans who have decided they want in on the special project arising at the North Wales town. He spoke on why he became a Wrexham fan having heard of the potential takeover.

“I love football, I love watching teams that aren’t based here in the United States. So it was easy for me to fall in love with the team pretty fast and I’m interested to see where it goes as from a sports perspective from my understanding they’re kind of an underdog team but has a really loyal fanbase, it is something I can root for,” said Montilla.

Elliott Durrell breaks the deadlock against Hartlepool away. (Photo credit: Alun Roberts (AJAR Photographics) Twitter – @AlunInHope)

Carrie Harper, a 40-year-old Plaid Cymru political candidate for Wrexham, is from the town herself and has been in communication with Ryan Reynolds on Twitter. She believes the takeover will only leave a positive impact on the whole community.

Harper said: “The impact of the take over given the profile and reach of the new owners is undoubtedly going to be positive. They very much seem to be focusing on the town as well as the club which will generate increased interest in Wrexham as a place.

“The upcoming documentary which will focus on the town and local people, as well as the club, will also put us in the spotlight. I have no doubt the town will shine with this increased attention.”

(Featured image photo credit: Gage Skidmore and Dick Thomas Johnson)

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