Five key contenders to look out for at Eurovision 2022

Eurovision 2022: Five key contenders to look out for

Eurovision Grand Final 2016
Eurovision is back! But will the crowds be as excited as they were in this 2016 photo of the Eurovision Jury Final. Photo: David Jones / Flickr ( and

Eurovision has become perhaps one of the most popular events on the entertainment calendar in recent years.

The show is about to go down this week as we can look forward to two semi-final nights on May 10 and 12, with the Grand Final ceremony happening on Saturday, May 14.

Last year’s Eurovision skyrocketed the Italian rock band Måneskin to stardom.

Who is going to be the winner this year? We take a look at five contenders to watch out for…

5) France’s Celtic rave

France have done a 180 from their traditional emotional ballads, as the group Alvan & Ahez perform original electronic sounds.

Their song “Fulenn” can be best described as a “Celtic forest rave” and we are definitely here for it at StoryHub:

4) Latvia’s environmentalist manifesto

“Eat Your Salad” by Citi Zēni encourages the audience to eat their veggies.

The poppy, catchy tunes of the track might be controversial to some, but it certainly has the potential to become another viral TikTok hit.

“Being green is hot” is a memorable line that won’t leave your head even after the first listen:

3) Norway’s unforgettable Banana song

The Norwegian duo Subwoolfer presents a typical Eurovision quirk.

Their fun performance of “Give That Wolf A Banana” brings us back to the 2013’s hit “What Does the Fox Say?”.

And, honestly, who doesn’t want a little bit of nostalgia during times like these?

2) Spain bets on summer vibes

Nobody can argue the popularity of dance-pop Latino music, which is exactly what the Spanish singer Chanel is counting on.

Her catchy, guilty pleasure song “SloMo” stimulates summer vibes after a long winter.

1) Ukraine’s folk success

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra are current favourites to win the contest this year.

The rap band performs the song “Stefania”, which has become an anthem in the war-torn country.

The song combines Ukrainian folk and modern rap accepting their special responsibility at times of war.

“Any victory, in any aspect, would be very important for Ukraine” the band claims – and it is more likely than not it will happen.